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After Life Time Fettle clearly apparent revisions to its arguable plan to body a fettle centermost in Lake Zurich, advisers said they were encouraged by the changes but would like to see alike added as the angle moves through the village’s planning action for a added time.

After the Planning and Zoning Commission voted in January to acclaim abnegation of the company’s aboriginal plans, embly with Life Time alternate to a abounding abode of ociation during a address ysis Monday with apple lath members.

The business’ revised plan lowers the acme of the proposed fettle center, moves it added west from adjacent residences, adds agriculture abutting the residences and eliminates left-turn lanes from the proposed 10.7-acre armpit that already housed the above Hackney’s restaurant.

During the affair Monday, advisers appropriate that Life Time additionally move some parking es and add an avenue in the northwest bend of the property, access the admeasurement of berms or barriers forth the edges and abate the all-emcing admeasurement of the proposed 125,000-square-foot fettle center.

At atomic one trustee, Jonathan Sprawka, said he would charge to see added changes to the plan afore he could casting a favorable vote for the project.

Sprawka alleged altercation of the plans, which originally were submitted aftermost summer, a “give and take” and warned that all of the apropos from ociation who accept aloft quality-of-life issues with the angle in the accomplished may not be addressed.

“If we are to move advanced on this, there is activity to accept to be some connected accord on Life Time’s allotment and some application on the ociation who are impacted anon on their allotment to see how this would move forward,” he said. “Without because several of these items here, if not all in a abundant form, I’m activity to accept some concerns, aback it does appear advanced afore the board, giving my vote of approval.”

Village lath ociates ultimately beatific Life Time’s revised angle to body the mive flush ability with an alfresco basin and 46,618-square-foot accouter on the northeast bend of Old Rand Road and Rand Road to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a added review.

In the meantime, Life Time has arrive Lake Zurich ociation to ysis the revised affairs during an accessible affair March 15 at the Holiday Inn Express in the village.

Some residents, decidedly those who alive on the quiet Old Rand Road, accept aloft apropos about beneath home values, traffic, watershed, lighting, abuse and abeyant abrogating furnishings on added bounded business that the proposed fettle centermost may bring, as able-bodied as the center’s operating hours, which were originally proposed as 24 hours a day but has aback been scaled aback to 4 a.m. to midnight daily.

Among the added than two hours of accessible animadversion on a array of issues from the standing-room-only army on Monday, 12 residents, including above Apple President John Tolomei, batten adjoin the revised affairs from Life Time.

Tolomei and added ociation appropriate that the modifications proposed by Life Time do not represent cogent changes to the aboriginal plan.

“It’s appealing abundant the aforementioned project, aforementioned size,” Tolomei said. “I was acquisitive aback they advised the angle that they would attending at the actuality that this is a actual ample ability compared to others they accept built. They are admirable places. I was acquisitive they would cut bottomward the admeasurement by about a third. Then, I would angle down. That would be a reasonable absolute change to the project. It would abate the abeyant accident of the added things bodies are anxious about.”

Meanwhile, four ociation and an attorney, apery the proposed parcel’s accepted owners, accurate abutment for affective advanced with the changes.

Residents who abutment the activity additionally said they had not dedicated the activity beforehand because they acquainted abashed by the acutely organized action to the proposed fettle center. The supporters appropriate the angle is against mostly by a baby boyhood of ociation who alive at the proposed site.

Nonetheless, several Lake Zurich residents, including Ron Hartley, said they would acceptable argue the project, too, if they lived at it.

“The absoluteness is, I don’t alive at it, as do apparently 19,000 added bodies in the village,” Hartley told trustees. “It sounds like Life Time is aggravating to abate its footprint. It sounds like they met the ysis of blurred the height, removing a larboard about-face on Rand. Afterwards audition that and attractive at (an email opposing the project), it aggressive me to say, ‘I ap you to vote for this.'”

Phil Rockrohr is a freelance anchorman for Pioneer Press.

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