1 Ways Funny Beard Guy Can Improve Your Business

1 Ways Funny Beard Guy Can Improve Your Business – Funny Beard Guy

Those hospital visits in Vietnam charge accept been intense.

It was very, actual difficult. Oh my goodness, it was a life-changing experience. You’d airing into the wards, these guys from the advanced lines, some had aloof woken up with no , no arms. It was the hardest affair I’ve done. It about fabricated an alcoholic out of me. You’d appointment those hospitals all day and go out and alcohol all night.

What’s your circadian activity actuality like?

I’ve been affairs absolute acreage for 20 years here, and architecture houses and renting them out. So that’s our business now. A lot of Warrior admirers break with us. I con this abode abutting to me. It’s not a bells chapel, but they accept weddings there. My Lee runs that. She’s an absorbing story. I had that out of wedlock. I knew annihilation about her for 29 years.

How did you acquisition out about her?

I was in Dallas, coaching, and my secretary brought in this letter. It said, “Dear Mr. Nelson. In 1968, you met a adolescent in Washington, D.C., by the name of Debby Dial. Nine months later, I was born.” I had been on the alley with the Celtics, arena the Bullets. We were accomplishing some of that being back I was , which wasn’t the best affair to do. But I did bethink that lady’s name. I thought, “Wow, this could be true.”

So we brought her into Dallas, and there was this 6-foot albino who looks like all my added kids, and I’m going, “She’s mine.” I helped her accomplishment college, met the parents who aloft her, because she was adopted. My wife and I accept six added kids, but she’s the alone one who’s confused to Maui. Isn’t that funny?

And you’ve got an agrarian adventure over actuality in Maui, too?

I’ve got a farm, yeah, I do. We abound some pot and flowers and coffee, and I’ve got a angle acreage up there.


I’ve got a medical card. I’m acknowledged here. Back any gets old, every asion you accept abiding seems to resurrect. It helps me accord with the affliction after affliction pills, and helps with that stress.

Funny Beard Guy

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а он такой мужчина с бородой скачать песню