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It was Christmas 2011 aback she gave her mother the book.

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Wilma Potter was active at the Country House in Grand Island then, a anamnesis affliction home.

Her husband, Earl, came every day. Her daughter, Bobbi Adams, came from Lincoln as generally as she could.

Bobbi’s husband, Rod, was a pographer, and he took the pictures for that book. A rose. A pig. A Bible. A duck.

They didn’t apperceive annihilation about book-making; they aloof put it all calm on Shutterfly.

“It was a -led thing,” says Bobbi, 55, a retired kindergarten teacher. “I don’t apperceive how abroad to call it. It aloof came to us that we should accomplish a book for Mom with Rod’s pictures.”

Wilma had been ailing with Alzheimer’s for about 10 years.

She looked at the red barn on the awning of the Christmas present and apprehend the appellation out loud: My World.

The words were clear, her mom’s candied voice.

Bobbi angry the pages for her, anniversary one with a distinct image. Wilma apprehend some of the words.

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She rubbed the ends of the pages, patted the po of the babyish duck, over and over.

“She admired it,” Bobbi said Friday. “I would accept admired to accept accustomed this to her aback she was still able to reminisce.”

All her life, her mother had been a communicative and airy woman. Wilma kept the books and awash washers and dryers and refrigerators with Earl at Potter’s Appliance in Grand Island. Aback the ce retired, she kept active with her clubs and amphitheater groups at church.

“A amusing butterfly,” her says.

She was ashamed that she couldn’t bethink things and that she afresh belief — that she couldn’t acquisition the appropriate words.

As the Alzheimer’s progressed, she talked again. Most of her words came out garbled, but Bobbi and Earl still listened, comatose their active as if they understood.

And this spring, Bobbi and Rod fabricated addition book. They alleged this one “My World,” too.

They had 500 copies printed, application the money Bobbi accustomed from her bare ailing leave at Lincoln Public Schools.

The hardbound books are in bo in their west Lincoln bat.

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Glossy blush pages of accustomed objects: a basal on a nch, a ferris caster at the canton fair, a mountain, a puppy, a mallard duck, a country school, a farm, an old car, attractive new, easily comatose on top of a Bible.

“We’re not in it to accomplish money but to accomplish a difference,” he says.

They capital the books to be nice, sy, dignified.

“My World” looks a lot like a baby’s aboriginal book, too.

One angel on anniversary page. One word, or two, in big, easy-to-read type. Chicken. Frog. Money.

The pos were anxiously called — accustomed altar that ability activate memories.

“It’s a account book for s,” says Bobbi.

Alzheimer’s steals concise memory, said Brenda Wiltfong, the affairs administrator at the Country House in Grand Island.

But often, patients can bethink the old days, old songs, prayers.

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A po of a sunflower at the advanced of the new book has words on the petals: Loves me. Loves me not. Loves me.

“It’s a affiliation to article they knew; it gives them a faculty of comfort.”

The pos atom something, she said.

Wilma’s Christmas book is still at the Country House in Grand Island. So is a archetype of the new book.

And Bobbi has spent a lot of time acquirements about the ache that took her mother, reading, activity to workshops. She and Rod accept abstruse what it takes to broadcast a book.

They ap to accord back, that’s why she larboard teaching early.

At the aback of “My World” are suggestions for talking to a admired one with Alzheimer’s, things to ask, how to ask them.

Her mom had so abounding friends, but in the end she had so few visitors, says Bobbi.

The book could be a bridge, she said. For caregivers. For grandchildren. For bodies abashed to appointment because they don’t apperceive what to do, or say.

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“I ane bodies ane they’re not in there, but they are.”


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