12 Benefits Of Litchi Cultivation Pdf That May Change Your Perspective

12 Benefits Of Litchi Cultivation Pdf That May Change Your Perspective – Litchi Cultivation Pdf

HANOI – Facing a angular autumn but adequate acceptable prices, Vietnam’s litchi growing hub is aculative agronomics of the delicious bake-apple in accordance with all-emcing standards, and exporting bisected of its achievement to China.

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In June, an official from Bac Giang’s Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the arctic arena is auious added bounded farmers to abound litchi copse according to GlobalGAP or VietGAP, and announcement the bake-apple both at home and abroad.

VietGAP is the Vietnamese adaptation of GlobalGAP (Good Agricultural Practices), a free ysis which verifies that bake-apple and vegetables are produced as cautiously as accessible to abbreviate risks of microbial aliment urance hazards.

“On June 8, we captivated a litchi sales advance appointment in Pingxiang in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang free region. We achievement that in Guangxi, our appropriate ‘thieu’ litchi will win consumers’ hearts,” said the official.

This year, Bac Giang is advancement consign of both beginning and candy litchi, said Duong Van Thai, vice-chairman of the bted People’s Committee, acquainted that best of the beginning litchi is exported to China.

Some 40,000 bags of beginning litchi, or 80 percent of the fruit’s achievement appropriate for consign this year, will go to China. Added consign markets accommodate added Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Singapore, and some absent ones, including the United States and Australia.

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Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang’s better litchi growing area, is anion to aftermath some 100,000 bags of litchi in 2017, bottomward one-third compared to 2016, said Cao Van Hoan, vice-chairman of the Luc Ngan People’s Committee.

“During aftermost year’s litchi harvest, I bought and resold 900 bags of litchi, but the amount this year can be halved, although the Chinese appeal is actual high,” a middle-aged woman said, pointing to the delicious bake-apple aculated up in her roadside barn in Luc Ngan.

With ample aflush cheeks, Nguyen Thi Hoai from the district’s Phuong Son commune, on the morning of June 12 was as active as a bee active a adamantine arrangement with litchi growers, and administering her agents to counterbalance the bake-apple arranged in annular crates fabricated of copse or iron.

“During this litchi harvest, my bedmate and I are affairs 15-18 bags a day, at prices of about 40,000 Vietnamese bell ($1.8) a kilogram on average. During aftermost year’s crop, prices were about 30,000 Vietnamese bell ($1.3),” Hoai said.

The bounded banker attributed the amount backpack to this year’s bad crop due to abortive acclimate conditions.

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“Litchi copse charge algid acclimate to blossom, but this year is too . Besides, back the bake-apple was demography shape, abundant downpours tore their skins,” said Giap Van Truong, who awash about 50 kilograms of litchi to Hoai on the morning of June 12.

In a threadbare aggressive uniform, Truong from Bac Giang’s Luc Nam collective looked like a demobilized soldier, but he has been a 18-carat agriculturalist for years, growing over 800 big litchi trees.

“Last year, I harvested 15 bags of litchi. But this year, the achievement will be alone four or bristles tons,” he bemoaned, but uming no desperation.

Besides Bac Giang, litchis are developed in the two added arctic ambit of Hai Duong and Hung Yen.

In Vietnam’s arctic Lang Son arena adjoining China, abounding shops–warehouses can abundance 500-1,000 bags of fruit, mostly litchi and longan, each. Every summer, one boutique in the province’s Bell Dang bound boondocks sells, on average, 40 bags of fruit, bounded traders said.

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“Our barter appear mainly from Guangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and Sichuan. They like broiled litchi best, again longan lurid and longan,” said Bui Thi Men from Hung Yen, who has formed as a bake-apple banker in the bound town’s Day Thep breadth for years.


(China Daily USA 07/03/2017 page16)


Litchi Cultivation Pdf

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