14 Facts You Never Knew About Tifgrand Bermuda Maintenance

14 Facts You Never Knew About Tifgrand Bermuda Maintenance – Tifgrand Bermuda Maintenance

The action over the angle at Hong Kong Amphitheater has been activity on about back the area reopened in 1994 – admitting never afore has the turf, or abridgement of it, bent all-embracing absorption in the way it has in contempo weeks.

Tifgrand Bermuda Problems? (Pics Included)

Tifgrand Bermuda Problems? (Pics Included)

The Barclays Asia Trophy beating at the end of aftermost ages saw soccer amateur involving some of the world’s bigger names appear aural account of actuality abandoned, a multimillion-dollar brilliant afflicted and Hong Kong’s acceptability as Asia’s “world city” in tatters.

Taking in advice from a ambit of sources and active through the contest that led to the affray mudbath, two key opportunities were missed. In the abbreviate term, application college affection beach from the Jockey Club could accept prevented the quagmire. In the connected term, bigger planning would accept had the angle in a bigger state, experts say.

It puts the spotlight on poor administration by the Leisure and Cultural Services Administration – already beneath blaze for issues such as declining to bottle abounding ancestry copse in the city.

The calamity began on July 24, back the affray kicked off in a cloudburst with amateur amid English Premier League ancillary Manchester Burghal and bounded ancillary South China, followed by English teams Tottenham Hotspur’s affray with Sunderland.

With the angle rapidly acceptable a nightmare, Spurs apostle Jan Vertonghen – a Belgian all-embracing reportedly admired at €27 actor (HK$278.6 million) – slipped and afflicted his abate 10 account afterwards advancing on as a substitute.

“If I can be sincere, I adopted not to go advanced [with the match] but this is the absoluteness we accept to face,” said Spurs administrator Andre Villas-Boas afterwards the game.

As the rain connected in the afterward days, administration agents beneath the administration of a adviser from New Zealand caked added than 30 tonnes of beach assimilate the field.

Two hours afore Tottenham were due to bang off in the third-place play-off adjoin South China on July 27, Tottenham’s groundsman spotted a problem: algae – including shells, plastic, bottle and baby stones – in the sand. The London team’s admiral insisted that the algae be removed if the bold was to go ahead.

The algae would not alone accept aching the players but additionally worsened arising problems, said bounded accommodation specialist Dr Eric Lee Yin-tse.

Lee, who has 38 years’ acquaintance in accommodation management, starting at the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling in 1975 afore spending 20 years with the Jockey Club, believes bigger planning could accept prevented the problem.

“A acceptable administration plan should be able to ahead problems. But the amphitheater did not,” Lee said. “I’m abiding they would accept been accustomed some acceptable affection beach from the Jockey Club if they had asked for it.”



A antecedent abutting to the club’s administration said it would not accept been difficult to accommodate a allowance hand, as it had hundreds of tonnes stored at its two racecourses. The club’s agent said the racecourses in Sha Tin and Happy Valley had a best banal of 400 tonnes and 60 tonnes of beach respectively.

To the abruptness of some bounded accommodation managers, admiral from the Leisure and Cultural Services Administration accepted that the beach provided by its supplier, Wealth Bridge, usually had to be sieved afore use. With matches advancing blubbery and fast during the tournament, there was no time to do so.

According to the supplier’s arrangement with the department, a archetype of which was acquired by the Post, beach should be taken from a freshwater river and grains should ambit amid 0.25mm and 1mm in diameter. Asked why agents would charge to clarify the sand, the administration said that it was to “further advance the beach quality” and that it was afterward up the amount with its supplier.

Football Association administrator Brian Leung Hung-tak wondered whether the beach had, in fact, appear from the sea rather than a river, accustomed the mainland’s tighter controls on the consign of river beach in contempo years; others wondered whether the beach was in actuality advised for architecture purposes, or had appear from architecture waste.

In contrast, the beach acclimated in racecourses and at a angle in Sai Tso Wan, Lam Tin – acclimated for training by visiting across teams and bounded professionals – is acquired from ashamed quartz, Lee said.

“The beach will be accumulated up according to its admeasurement through a abrasion process. Some grains can be as accomplished as 0.01mm,” Lee said. “Then buyers appeal a assertive agreement of ample and baby beach to accomplish the best aggregate for accommodation growth.”

While the administration pays HK$195 per tonne for the lower-quality sand, quartz beach is accessible for about 30 per cent added – about HK$250 per tonne – if the aggregate ordered is big enough.

Another botheration for the amphitheater angle is a abridgement of acknowledgment to sunlight – a botheration Lee believes can best be apparent by switching to an addition blazon of turf.

“An bigger Bermuda grass alleged TifGrand was accessible on the bazaar at atomic bristles years ago. Did they do any analysis or backpack out any test?” Lee said, apropos to a artefact developed by the University of Georgia in the United States. He recommended the accommodation to the administration in 2009, back it was gluttonous answers on how to cope with added adumbration at an broadcast Mong Kok Stadium.

A antecedent abutting to the administration said TifGrand was installed on a application abaft a goalmouth at Hong Kong Amphitheater in May for a two-month trial.

Tests begin TifGrand grew boring and struggled with abrasion and tear. A agent said the accommodation was gradually actuality replaced with addition alleged Transcontinental.

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Great Waters Golf Course Maintenance: Resodding #15 tee on …

“A accurate analysis should aftermost at atomic a division and TifGrand is recognised as the best by all-embracing accommodation specialists,” Lee said, abacus that TifGrand, in the anatomy of grass sprig, was abundant added big-ticket than Transcontinental, awash as grass seed.

One administration cabal said the abiding planning problems that resulted in aftermost month’s quagmire approved already afresh a abiding botheration in the department’s use of staff.

Under a deployment system, account managers and amenities administration such as those amenable for the stadium’s angle can alone break in one column for a few years afore actuality reassigned.

“We do accept acquiescent staff. But they are now managing pond pools and added leisure venues,” the antecedent said.

The actuality said the Urban Council, which acclimated to run abounding of the functions now managed by the administration afore its abolishment in 1999, beatific about 100 agents to Britain in the 1990s to apprentice about grass and timberline management.

About 30 abide with the department, but “unfortunately they are not able-bodied deployed”, the actuality said.

The administration says its agents deployment arrangement is advised to augment employees’ ability and advice their career development.

It added that the amphitheater administrator and supervisor, who captivated diplomas and certificates in horticulture, abounding a bounded accommodation administration training advance abiding by the administration and an across accommodation institute. A aggregation of bristles arena workers were additionally amenable for circadian maintenance.

It is accepted that amphitheater administrator Wong Ying-ming started in the column aloof a few months ago. The administration additionally brought in a consultant, Alex Glasgow of the New Zealand Sports Accommodation Institute, to adapt pitches a year ago.

In contrast, the Jockey Club has a aggregation of 22 technicians attractive afterwards the Happy Valley advance and 40 added for the advance in Sha Tin.

Professor Jim Chi-yung, a specialist in clay science at the University of Hong Kong, said the managers amenable for the angle should, at the actual least, authority an adapted degree. He said the assignment to bright the angle was unscientific.

Photos | Quality Turf Farms

Photos | Quality Turf Farms

“Coring [punching holes into the turf] is added advantageous than spiking in case of a clammy stadium,” Jim said. “Coring will accomplish spores by removing clay but spiking will bunched the soil.”

He questioned the arrangement of Glasgow, whose accomplishments is in a country with a absolutely altered altitude to Hong Kong. “It’s the amiss choice,” he said. “New Zealand is at a abstemious latitude, with altered climate, clay and acceptance amount of pitches.”

The administration said the fee for the consultancy, which did not accommodate for absolute accident planning, was HK$300,000. A agent beneath to say whether the arrangement was awarded through an accessible tender.

Glasgow beneath to animadversion on his adequacy for the role, but said the alleviative measures taken were based on accord amid the stadium, the English Premier League and the bounded Football Association.

Jim said: “It’s acrid back the government affected the stadium’s above abettor Wembley to leave because of its poor administration [in 1998]. Fifteen years later, little advance is apparent on the pitch.”

The latest row echoes a acknowledged action over the administration arrangement with Wembley All-embracing (HK), the administration aggregation tasked with active the amphitheater at So Kon Po back it reopened afterwards redevelopment in 1994.

Problems over the angle prompted the abandoning of the arrangement in 1998, back the afresh Urban Services Administration acquired HK$1.7 actor to returf the pitch. Returfing is afresh actuality advised now.

The abandoning of the arrangement concluded up in a HK$22 actor cloister cardinal adjoin the government. Mr Justice William Stone in the Cloister of First Instance disqualified that the amphitheater had architecture and architecture defects, including a architecture that blocked sunlight from the pitch.

Lee says the problems are not irreversible. “The aberration fabricated in the beforehand architecture could accept been corrected,” he said. “How can they abide it for 15 years?”

While Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has asked Home Affairs Secretary Tsang Tak-sing to analysis the administration of the city’s soccer pitches, Jim fears that soccer fields may end up activity the aforementioned way as the bent ancestry trees, admonishing that the problems can never be apparent “without a true-hearted mentality”.

This commodity appeared in the South China Morning Column book copy as: Sifting the affirmation in accommodation debacle

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