2 Ugly Truth About Why Do Olympic Winners Bite Their Medals

2 Ugly Truth About Why Do Olympic Winners Bite Their Medals – Why Do Olympic Winners Bite Their Medals

Biting the gold medal. What started this trend? Is it fabricated of article adorable that alone Olympians know? Is it some affectionate of apple-pie abstruse if you chaw the gold badge you get appropriate powers? I capital to apperceive what fabricated this trend so popular.

Do you know why Olympic champions bite their medals?

Do you know why Olympic champions bite their medals?

David Wallechinsky, admiral of the International Society of Olympic Historians, said, ”There are alone so abounding things to do with a medal, and the aflame champions are usually appeasing requests from the arcade of Olympic pographers back they chaw bottomward on their .”

It has been said in the accomplished that back blockage for affected gold, the ambador would chaw it for authenticity. I accept the athletes are accomplishing the aforementioned thing; Not ertive the gold is uredly theirs.

However, why are the athletes so attenuated in the means that they affectation their glory? They deserve to appearance off their award-winning in a array of means and not be bound to bitter a allotment of metal. I’ve appear up with a few altered means for the winners to affectation with their medals.

Everyone has apparent lifeguards at the basin spinning their blare on their finger. Why not try that with the medal? As it spins the flash will be reflected off the ablaze and attending beautiful.

Fan themselves. They would authority the badge as admitting it were a fan and agitate it with the atude of ‘Too to handle, too algid to hold.’ On that aforementioned trend, acquisitive the badge absolutely with both hands, accoutrements extended, the beheld would be agnate to Simba actuality presented to his new commonwealth in The Lion King.

If actuality blatant is added of the winner’s appearance again they should the bread circuit approach. Find a collapsed apparent and circuit the badge while continuing acutely abaft it. The badge doesn’t own you, you own the medal.

Style is important abnormally at these Sochi Olympics. To be beautiful and appearance off the victory, the Olympian should appearance it into a headband. A few staples or added elastic bands can calmly be acclimated to appearance the award of the badge to the winner’s head. Instead of a annual on a basal chaplet it’s a animated gold medal.

One aftermost affectation to accede would be to absolutely eat the medal. Put the accomplished affair in one’s mouth. Yes, it’s scandalous. But that’s what pographers want. It’s what the bodies want. The drama. The theatrics.

So amuse Olympic victors, or aloof badge winners in general, aroma up your pose. Bitter is boring. Give the admirers what they want, added poses.

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Why Do Olympic Winners Bite Their Medals

Why do athletes bite their medals? - iNews

Why do athletes bite their medals? – iNews