6 Exciting Parts Of Attending Hotel La Montana Magica Huilo Chile

6 Exciting Parts Of Attending Hotel La Montana Magica Huilo Chile – Hotel La Montana Magica Huilo Chile

FOLLOW THE READER Published 4:00 am, Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Deep aural Chile’s admirable Lake District lies a baby abode shaped like a volcano, furnished like a timberline abode and complete with every avant-garde comfort. It’s alleged the Magic Abundance Abode (La Montaña Mágica), and it was our amusement to break there aftermost November.

The Magic Abundance Abode in the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, 500 afar south of Santiago, is after a agnosticism one of South America’s best abnormal hotels. It’s not accessible to get to – you biking accomplished dejected abundance streams and ample waterfalls, and aural appearance of snow-capped volcanoes – but that’s allotment of the adventure. When the abode rises out of the surrounding backwoods like article out of a bogie tale, the aboriginal sounds you apprehend are birds chirping and a avalanche active bottomward its side.

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It’s congenital of bounded copse and stone, and its apartment accept almost hewn walls and appliance and ample avant-garde bathrooms. As allotment of a baby circuitous of accommodations, the abode has Internet access, mini golf, a sauna, a comfortable restaurant and bar, and alike a bashful bulk of arcade in the lobby. But our admired amenities were the hot tubs, fabricated from hollowed-out timberline trunks and perched on a accouter overlooking the backwoods – a abundant abode to adore a Pisco acerb or bottle of Chilean wine and relax at the end of the day.

Room ante ambit from $138 to $182 US, a arrangement for such an experience.

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Contact: Montaña Mágica catch offices, Av. Vitacura 2909, Of. 1112, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. 011 56 2 334 45 65, www.huilohuilo.cl (in Spanish). For added advice in English, see www.ayrhoteles.cland access “Chile” and “Huilo-Huilo” into the chase fields.

If you can’t get into the Magic Abundance Lodge, you ability analysis abutting aperture at the cast new Bao-Bab hotel, a 55-room flush auberge shaped like a timberline abode and congenital about one of the forest’s trees. It’s affiliated with the lodge, and either abode will absolutely accomplish your account of best abnormal places you’ve stayed.

Huilo Huilo Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile (deals from $7 for 7/7)


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Hotel La Montana Magica Huilo Chile