6 Benefits Of St Augustine Grass Sod That May Change Your Perspective

6 Benefits Of St Augustine Grass Sod That May Change Your Perspective – St Augustine Grass Sod

For years, St. Augustine grass has been the backyard of best of homeowners in Northeast Florida, but some appetite a change. Maybe they appetite a backyard with a bigger arrangement or one that doesn’t get chinch bugs. Whatever the reason, zoysia grass is accepting in popularity.

7 St Augustine Sod Prices | St Augustine Pallet of Sod Cost

7 St Augustine Sod Prices | St Augustine Pallet of Sod Cost

Some of the allowances of Zoysia over St. Augustine are that Zoysia doesn’t get chinch bugs and it is advanced of a added another of herbicides. The grasses acknowledge to aridity differently. Both accept abstinent aridity tolerance, but Zoysia can become bound aback it dries out and afterwards a anniversary or two will go dormant. St. Augustine grass additionally wilts but will absorb some blooming grass blades for a best aeon of time.

Zoysia grasses accustomed in the United States from Asia in the aboriginal 1900s and accept afresh become a added adorable grass because of acknowledged ancestry programs. Several varieties accept performed able-bodied in Florida trials but are bound in availability.

Two new varieties developed by the University of Florida are PristineFlora and UltimateFlora. PristineFlora is a high-maintenance array for high-end landscapes. It is accomplished textured, actual close and aphotic blooming in color. UltimateFlora is a acceptable best for Florida lawns, has a coarser arrangement than PristineFlora and spreads added bound than abounding added Zoysia varieties. Over time, availability of these may improve.

St. Augustine Grass - Wikipedia

St. Augustine Grass – Wikipedia

The array that is best frequently begin in our breadth is Empire, and alike it is in abbreviate supply. Rumor has it that Disney bought out best of what was available. I alleged several bounded sod suppliers and they accepted that it would booty 9 to 12 weeks afore they could accept it in stock.

Empire is alone accessible as sod or plugs and has a actual close advance addiction with a base texture. Zoysia is not a fast grower, so it is best to install sod to abstain weeds that can ample the gaps with plugs. Empire has a abstinent advance amount and can be mowed with a rotary mower. It does not abound as able-bodied in adumbration as varieties such as El Toro, De Anza or Jamur do.

Zoysia japonica is the alone blazon of berry that is accessible commercially, but it does not accept the adorable characteristics of vegetatively developed zoysias. Zenith is an bigger array and performed able-bodied in Florida trials. If growing from seed, till clay and bulb no added than ? inch abysmal because it requires ablaze to germinate. Germination is best aback temperatures are 86 to 95 degrees, but advance is apathetic and time is appropriate for enactment afore winter. The better claiming is befitting weeds at bay while the zoysia gets established.



Maintenance is agnate to St. Augustine grass. Mow account during the growing season. The mowing acme varies from 1/4 inch to 21/2 inches, depending on the variety. Empire Zoysia should be mowed aback it alcove a acme of 3 to 4 inches and cut at a acme of 21/2 inches. Adulterate as bare (when the blades fold) with ? to ? inch of water.

The University of Florida recommends 3 to 5 pounds nitrogen per year for Zoysia in North Florida. Turf specialist Bryan Unruh suggests that we “spoon-feed” the lawn, appliance abate quantities added frequently for best results. Studies announce that abounding of the newer varieties will accomplish able-bodied with beneath than the 3 to 5 batter rate, so adjustments may be forthcoming.

Zoysia is the aboriginal to go abeyant in the abatement and is apathetic to blooming up in the spring, so it should not be fertilized with nitrogen backward in the growing division or too aboriginal in the spring. Wait until grass has absolutely recovered to accomplish the aboriginal bounce application, about mid April. Do not over-fertilize zoysia grass with nitrogen because it has a addiction to anatomy boundless beard layers that would crave automated abatement with a vertical mower.

Winter Maintenance - St Augustine.mov - YouTube

Winter Maintenance – St Augustine.mov – YouTube

Hunting billbugs are the better annoyance botheration for Zoysia. They actualize accident by agriculture on roots, causing the grass to die aback in aberrant patterns. They are added ambiguous in infertile, dry clay in abatement and spring. Mole crickets, white grubs and sod webworms are additionally pests on Zoysia.

Large-patch bane is a above ache botheration on both Zoysia and St. Augustine grass. This ache is a bounce and abatement botheration as the clay temperatures drop. Zoysia grass is apathetic to balance from damage, so should be advised preventively if the ache is present. Abstain boundless acrid nitrogen applications aback the ache is alive and do not adulterate in backward afternoon. Added abeyant ache problems accommodate dollar atom and rust.

If you are annoyed of the accepted St. Augustine lawns in our area, Zoysia grass provides an adorable alternative. For added advice on the topic, go to edis.ifas.ufl.edu/lho11.

Floratam Sod | Tampa Bay Sod | 7-7-7

Floratam Sod | Tampa Bay Sod | 7-7-7

Terry Brite DelValle is a agronomics addendum abettor with the Duval County Addendum Service and the University of Florida/IFAS.

St Augustine Grass Sod

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