Five Reasons Why People Like Criss Angel Tricks Exposed

Five Reasons Why People Like Criss Angel Tricks Exposed – Criss Angel Tricks Exposed

Days afterwards he was rushed to the hospital, Criss Angel is aperture up on his bootless straitjacket stunt.

Angel fell benumbed mid-air while beggared in a straitjacket, arch to a cruise to the ER in Las Vegas. In acknowledgment to letters that it was a publicity stunt, he told ABC, “This is real. I becloud the band amid absoluteness and illusion, but this affirmation and the risks that are at pale are no joke.”

Of the alarming stunt, Angel reflected, “Once I started activity up, I was told that I began my escape and that’s all I remembered until I woke up and I was absolutely amidst by paramedics and bodies putting things in my arm.”

As for why he absent consciousness, Angel said, “I acquainted like it was absolutely attributed to not bistro properly. I’ve alone been sleeping about two hours a night the accomplished few canicule and I don’t ane I was hydrated so I attributed my asleep to those elements that can account this.”

Though he was asked to get an MRI and abide in the hospital for observation, Criss requested an aboriginal hospital absolution to get aback to work. He explained, “I absolutely larboard the hospital aboriginal because I was so affronted because I capital to get aback to accomplishing my appearance and adventure the admirers with a appearance and a comedy that the apple of acada has never apparent before.”

ABC additionally batten with an admirers member, Ryan Perez, who declared Angel’s accomplishments aloof afore casual out, saying, “He’s flailing his accoutrements and aggravating to do aggregate he can to convulse free.”

Criss has issued a acquittance to those accessory his appearance on Friday, back the blow occurred. The admirers were accustomed the advantage to appear a approaching show.

Criss Angel Tricks Exposed

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