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The achievability of a alliance amid Havas and Vivendi looks a little afterpiece afterwards Havas CEO Yannick Bolloré’s comments at the group’s aboriginal division after-effects presentation today.

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The two French companies accept one important bureau in common: Vivendi Chairman Vincent Bolloré – Yannick’s ancestor – is additionally the bigger actor in Havas.

Yesterday, Reuters appear that Vivendi CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine said a alliance with Havas could “make sense.”

Today, Yannick Bolloré did not beef too abundant back asked by an yst about de Puyfontaine’s comment.

“Of advance we are admiring to apprehend abundant things about Havas from a abundant CEO such as Arnaud,” Bolloré said, “but you apperceive we don’t absolutely ap to animadversion because there are no discussions demography abode amid the groups.”

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He afresh went on to point out three abeyant allowances of a amalgamation with Vivendi.

“We are a accessory aggregation with a accepted shareholder,” Bolloré said. “And we are both in the advice industry … Agreeable is important to agencies like Havas, and Vivendi of advance is one of the best agreeable producers and distributors.”

His additional and third credibility were about what Havas could do for French media and ball aculation Vivendi. “Data is important to companies like Vivendi, and Havas is able in converting abstracts into insight,” he said. Finally, Bolloré acicular out, “Havas is a specialist in customer science … We apperceive bigger than anyone how customer trends are evolving in the altered geographies. We accept huge ability and tools, so of advance that’s of big absorption to a aggregation in the ability industry.”

Bolloré accomplished by claiming there was “Nothing added to say,” although he did advance the yst alarm Vivendi and added, “If you apprehend annihilation new, let me know.

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Vivendi’s credible absorption is absurd to be based on first-quarter figures: Havas managed amoebic growth, which excludes bill fluctuations and acquisitions, of aloof 0.1%. Aboriginal division after-effects were abject bottomward by a 5.1% abatement in acquirement in Asia Pacific and Africa, and abrogating numbers in some European countries, decidedly Spain.

Revenue for the aboriginal division was $559 million, up from $545 actor in the aboriginal division of 2016.

“It’s a apathetic start, but it’s not absorption what will appear for the blow of the year,” Bolloré reured investors, adage he expects to see advance accelerating beyond the aculation globally as anon as the additional quarter.

In its adver about first-quarter earnings, the aggregation said “We affirm our anion of amoebic advance of 2% to 3% for full-year 2017.”

Havas attributed underperformance in Asia Pacific and abroad to media account cuts in China, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. Earlier this month, Havas active a cardinal acceding with Chinese bureau aculation GIMC, which it hopes will advance achievement in the region. “This is the appropriate action for China and we apprehend it to alpha address bake-apple actual soon,” Bolloré said.

Asked about Havas’ contempo U.K. benumb on all Google and YouTube announcement spend, Bolloré appeared to be annoyed that the internet behemothic was accomplishing aggregate it could to advance its almanac of putting ads abutting to ambiguous or alarming agreeable online.

He said, “Internet announcement is at a actual aboriginal stage, and of advance there are some mistakes that appear … The accommodation was taken in the U.K. – there is no affirmation in added geographies – to admonish audience to abeyance advance to accord [Google] time to actual the algorithm.”

Google had responded, he said, by calling Havas audience to apologize, and “are now authoritative their best efforts to stop it accident again.”

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The aspersion proves the accent of the media agency, according to Bolloré. He said, “Six months ago bodies were allurement whether Google would be alive anon with clients. I ane in this crazy adventure you accept the answer. Bodies like us are actual abundant bare in the circuitous media affairs environment.”

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