How Icd 6 Code For Lung Nodule Can Increase Your Profit!

How Icd 6 Code For Lung Nodule Can Increase Your Profit! – Icd 10 Code For Lung Nodule

Pulmonary nodules are common, but few studies of lung birthmark identification and ytic appraisal accept been performed in ociation settings. Advisers from Kaiser Permanente Southern California articular 7,112 patients who had one or added nodules by application absolute advice aural the cyberbanking medical record.

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Their abstraction presented in the August 2012 affair of the International Association for the Abstraction of Lung Cancer’s (IASLC) Journal of Thoracic Oncology, showed how advisers developed and implemented a new adjustment for anecdotic lung nodules in community-based settings.

The advisers acclimated a aggregate of ICD-9 codes, CPT codes and an algorithm for accustomed accent processing (NLP) to allocate the nodules. This automatic adjustment had a 96 percent acuteness and 86 percent specificity compared to yst review.


The authors advance that the automatic process, “could be acclimated to abstraction the accident and prevalence of lung nodules in ample popula¬tions, with the admonition that about 13 percent of cases identi¬fied by the automatic adjustment would not accommodated our ogue of one or added nodules (e.g., be false-positives).”

Since this abstraction advantaged acuteness over specificity, the authors admonish that the adjustment “could be acclimated as a acute aboriginal footfall to be followed by added specific ysis of radiology transcripts or absolute imaging studies.”

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As screening programs for lung blight accept accurate to be benign in specific high-risk populations, this abstraction additionally provides advantageous advice for the abstraction of screen-detected nodules.

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Journal reference: Journal of Thoracic Oncology

Provided by: International Association for the Abstraction of Lung Cancer

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Icd 10 Code For Lung Nodule

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