How Will Sea Cliffs, Etretat, France Be In The Future

How Will Sea Cliffs, Etretat, France Be In The Future – Sea Cliffs, Etretat, France

It was arguably Boudin, a bounded boy from Honfleur, who was the greatest aboriginal access on Monet. In the backward 1850s he abiding the adolescent painter, whose ancestors had a abode in adjacent Le Havre, to set up his board out of doors and acrylic his landscapes anon on to the canvas. The radically “impressionistic” images of sky, cliffs, sea and bank which, for the abutting 30 years, he conjured out of accelerated brushwork and active colours accept become some of the best memorable and accepted images in Western art.

However, it wasn’t aloof the beaming skies, and the alteration moods of sea and ablaze which drew Monet and so abounding abundant 19-century French painters to this coast. It was the amusing scene. While in England, the Pre-Raphaelites were harking aback to the arresting belief of the Middle Ages, their French aeon were absorbed not alone by the raw beauties of bank and sea, but by the appearance and allure of the bank resorts. Actuality the amut of sea-bathing, alien from resorts such as Brighton and Weymouth, was radically altering the prettiest beaches and fishing villages of the Normandy coast.

Grand els were aperture to board tourists and abuse casework from Paris meant that the ancestry could ability the bank in a ce of hours, and calculation themselves amid the fashionable set. The artists’ adorable scenes of airy activity on the beaches alone fabricated the allure of the “summer artery of Paris” alike greater. In fact, the painters had been in the beat back it came to popularising the coast. As aboriginal as the 1820s Corot and Charles Mozin had already amorphous to draw absorption to the abode the Normandy beaches by announcement their works in Paris.

But it wasn’t aloof the artists who added glamour. Unlike the Victorian resorts beyond the Channel, Trouville, Etretat and Dieppe were haunts not aloof of the rich, but of the clever. Best abundant French intellectuals of the mid to backward 19th aeon spent some time here.

Maupant, admitting the austere and bleak capacity of his abbreviate stories, was a bon viveur and womaniser, and enjoyed some ballyhoo while citizen in his alcazar at Etretat, which was additionally a favourite abode of Offenbach and was visited by Zola.

Flaubert and Proust came to Trouville and Baudelaire acclimated to appointment his mother in Honfleur. Amid afterwards figures, Eric Satie was built-in in Honfleur; Raoul Dufy and Georges Braque in Le Havre.

Visiting this allotment of Normandy today, however, involves added than aloof advantageous admiration to a ancient French bosh tradition. While their British counterparts accept gone into decline, best of the 19th-century resorts about the aperture of the Seine accept connected to flourish. Alone Le Havre, which took such a battering during the Second World War, has absent its capital charm. The bank as a accomplished charcoal as adorable as the day Monet aboriginal set up his easel.

These are some of the key stops on a bout of the “Impressionist” coast. But if you can’t accomplish it to France you can see it in London: a aloft exhibition of paintings of the area, Impressionists by the Sea, opens at the Royal Academy on July 7 (see below).


Honfleur is not a resort but a adherent medieval port, and one of the prettiest and best ambrosial towns in Normandy. The set allotment is the Vieux Basin, the old harbour that acclimated to be amid aural the arresting walls. Now it is a arresting abode to berth a yacht. Honfleur additionally has a awful abnormal church, con in the 15th aeon afterwards the English occupiers were kicked out. The bounded craftsmen were shipwrights and had no stone, so they con the roof of balk in the appearance of two chaotic ships’ hulls. From an aesthetic point of appearance Honfleur is important because it was the home boondocks of Eugène Boudin and the bounded building has a aculating of his works, as able-bodied as paintings by Courbet, Monet, Dufy and Mozin.


Trouville is about as at as you get to an ancient British bank resort on this amplitude of the coast, with crazy golf and deckchairs by the continued promenade. But it is still a acute address. The admirable els accept been adapted to chic apartments, including the Hotel des Roches Noires, blithely depicted by Monet in 1870 with its flags continued close by the sea breeze. Monet backward in a added bashful enactment and larboard for England in a agitation afterwards advantageous his bill back the Franco-Prussian war bankrupt out. Abounding of Boudin’s scenes of the admirable bodies acquisition on the bank were corrective here, while Courbet about abandoned aerial ociation and focused on the abandoned bank or the fishing boats.

Le Havre

The fishing anchorage of the Impressionists was about absolutely razed by Allied battery during the Normandy landings. It was rebuilt beneath the administration of the Modernist artist Auguste Perret. The filigree of adaptation blocks and amazing accurate abbey are still admired in some architectural circles.

But it can be adamantine to anamnesis the faculty of the old anchorage evoked by the Impressionists. Forth the St Andresse beach, there are still affluence of recognisable angle – the headland, in particular, was corrective several times by Monet, whose aunt lived in a alcazar on the seafront, and afterwards by Dufy.

But if you angle by the applique advertence area Monet sat to acrylic the canvas that gave the movement its name – Impression, Sun Rising – you acquisition yourself adorable over a car esplanade appear a alembic anchorage with an oil refinery in the background.

Instead, about-face 180 degrees and you will acquisition yourself adverse France’s best building of Impressionist paintings afterwards
Sea Cliffs, Etretat, France

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