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T15 Polk Audio Review

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Yamaha’s YAS-706 delivers abounding complete and a able-bodied affection set, admitting it’s bigger for video than it is for music.

As multiroom audio options accept added in contempo years, the soundbar has become the hub of the audio ecosystem for abounding people. Serving bifold assignment as the capital apostle for video and music agency the expectations are aerial for these units — as are the prices.

Yamaha’s $800 YAS-706 soundbar joins models from Sonos, Sony, Polk and others in antagonism to be your audio system’s flagship. The YAS-706 comes with about all the appearance you charge in a home-theater audio centerpiece, such as HDMI, 4K abutment and affluence of agency to connect. But can it supplant Sonos as the best multiroom audio best for best people?

Polk Audio T7 Speakers - My Thoughts - YouTube

Polk Audio T7 Speakers – My Thoughts – YouTube

The black, ellipsoidal YAS-706 doesn’t angle out visually, but the cobweb and artificial exoteric looks and feels well-made. At 37.8 x 5.1 x 2.9 inches, the soundbar is a bit best than the $700 Sonos Playbar.

Inside, the assemblage has four three-quarter-inch tweeters, two 2-and-one-eighth-inch woofers and two 3-inch subwoofers, which advice the soundbar bear a advanced sound. In addition, it comes with a ample 12.1 x 11.8 x 11.6 wireless subwoofer — article the Playbar doesn’t address with.

The YAS-706 offers added agency to affix to video and music sources than best soundbars do. It has an HDMI achievement and two HDMI inputs, as able-bodied as digital-optical, digital-coaxial and analog inputs. You can affix wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or use an Ethernet cable for alive connectivity. The YAS-706 additionally supports AirPlay for alive music. The Playbar connects to your TV alone by agenda optical.

LED lights forth the top aback of the assemblage announce the accepted ascribe and complete mode; however, the labels for the inputs are actual baby and difficult to apprehend from beyond the room. I begin myself axis to the chargeless iOS and Android app to advice me amount out which complete modes were active.

The YAS-706 produces abounding audio with able-bodied bass, and it calmly fills a ample allowance with sound. While this soundbar matches the Sonos Playbar in video complete performance, it avalanche a bit abbreviate aback acclimated for music.

Polk Audio T7 (T7 + T7 + T7) Home Cinema 7.7 Speaker ...

Polk Audio T7 (T7 + T7 + T7) Home Cinema 7.7 Speaker …

During the aperture arena to Baby Driver, the YAS-706 cautiously handled the mix of gunshots and annoy squeals that pepper the scenes while Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Bellbottoms” plays. Gal Gadot’s annotation at the alpha of Wonder Woman was bright and resonant, acknowledgment to the bass from both the soundbar and the wireless subwoofer.

Music lovers may acquisition the bass and acute antithesis of the YAS-706 wanting. While the vocals were accessible to apprehend on Justin Timberlake’s “Filthy” and SZA’s “The Weekend,” the bass on both songs was beneath abundant on the YAS-706 than on the Playbar — alike admitting the Playbar doesn’t accept a subwoofer. The acoustic guitars on Big Star’s “Thirteen” were brittle but lacked brightness. As a result, the all-embracing music achievement acquainted flat.

Even with all this soundbar’s features, ambience up the YAS-706 was simple. I affiliated an HDMI cable from the soundbar to my TV and a Roku Ultra to the soundbar’s HDMI input, and I bound had complete and video. The wireless subwoofer came commutual with the soundbar, so no added accomplish were needed.

To alleviate the YAS-706’s added appearance — including multiroom audio; admission to internet radio; and affiliation with music casework including Pandora, Tidal and SiriusXM — you charge the chargeless MusicCast app for iOS or Android. The app connects to your Wi-Fi arrangement and walks you through setup. Once that action is complete, you can use the app to change inputs and complete modes (you can additionally do this through the remote) and comedy music.

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Polk Signature S7 American HiFi Bookshelf Speaker Review. | tharbamar

Polk Signature S7 American HiFi Bookshelf Speaker Review. | tharbamar

The YAS-706 includes Yamaha’s Bright Voice and Bass Extension modes, both of which advance the sound. You can additionally aces from basic surround-sound modes, including Movie, Music and TV Program.

Unlike Sonos devices, the YAS-706 lacks automatic allowance correction, which would advice the assemblage complete its best in your environment. You can’t acclimatize acute or midrange manually, either, admitting you can change the subwoofer volume.

The YAS-706 is a able-bodied soundbar that can claiming Sonos as a assemblage about which you can body a multiroom system. It appearance 4K abutment and a assembly of inputs, which the Sonos Playbar lacks. The YAS-706 creates a abounding complete and is abnormally acceptable at chat and vocals; it shines aback acclimated for movies and TV shows.

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However, if music is your capital interest, the Playbar delivers a bigger all-embracing sound. Sonos charcoal the champ of multiroom audio, abnormally if you don’t charge a soundbar with 4K abutment or HDMI inputs.

Polk Audio T7 (T7 + T7 + T7) Home Cinema 7.7 Speaker ...

Polk Audio T7 (T7 + T7 + T7) Home Cinema 7.7 Speaker …

Credit: Yamaha

T15 Polk Audio Review

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Polk Audio T7 Bookshelf Speakers Review – Page 7 – The Best Shelf …