Seven Easy Rules Of Houston Oilers Wallpaper

Seven Easy Rules Of Houston Oilers Wallpaper – Houston Oilers Wallpaper

Your adviser to abutting Sunday’s Super Bowl in Atlanta (or, They Played 224 Regular-Season Amateur and Three Playoff Rounds For This?):

17  best images about Houston texans on Pinterest ...

17 best images about Houston texans on Pinterest …

Oilers Wallpapers Group with 7 items

Oilers Wallpapers Group with 7 items

A Titans Wallpaper by Jesse | goTitans | a Tennessee Titans Fan Forum

A Titans Wallpaper by Jesse | goTitans | a Tennessee Titans Fan Forum


Approximately 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Pacific Standard Time, to be followed by:

First Buffalo turnover–3:06 p.m.

First Dallas touchdown–3:09 p.m.

Second Dallas touchdown–3:17 p.m.

Third Dallas touchdown–3:26 p.m.

First Appearance By Bernie Kosar In A Super Bowl With 28-Point Lead In Hand–4:48 p.m.

Second Super Bowl Sideline Ice Water Dousing For Jimmy Johnson–6:06 p.m.

Presentation of Vince Lombardi Trophy/Fancy Sparkling Bookend to Jerry Jones–6:26 p.m.


We can alone go by what we know, which is what happened the aftermost time the Cowboys and the Bills were arrive to the aforementioned Super Bowl.

Dallas by 35.


Mike Ditka and Joe Gibbs try to explain how the Bills, with aloof a few accessory cardinal alterations, can appear aback from a 42-3 deficit.


Tentative, accountable to change:

KTLA (Channel 5)–“21 Jump Street” at 3 p.m., followed by apparently a abominable absorbing second-run movie.

Fox (Channel 11)–“Mr. Belvedere” at 3, followed by “Family Ties” at 4, followed by “I Love Lucy” at 5.

CNN–“The World Today” at 3, followed by “This Week In The NBA” at 3:30, followed by “Pinnacle” at 4, followed by “Sports Sunday” at 4:30, followed by “PrimeNews” at 5.

For added agreeable programming abutting Sunday on CBS, ABC and ESPN, amuse argue your bounded listings.


Buffalo–Marv Levy, a nice man who charge accept done some abundantly abominable things in a antecedent life.

Dallas–Jimmy Johnson, who angrily predicted his Cowboys would whip San Francisco’s butt, did aloof that and has annihilation to say about Buffalo because, well, Marv Levy is a nice man.


Buffalo–Jim Kelly. Like Joe Namath, he predicted the aftereffect of a Super Bowl aback he spotted a TV camera at the end of Sunday’s AFC appellation game, captivated up four fingers and shouted, “We’re b-a-a-a-a-ck!”

Dallas–Troy Aikman. Unlike Kelly, he is best in Super Bowls, which is why he gets arrive to bandy foot into accessible auto cab windows on Letterman and can now wallpaper his abode with $100 bills.


Buffalo–Thurman Thomas. Forgot to adhere imilate his helmet in Super Bowl XXVI. Forgot to adhere imilate the football in Super Bowl XXVIII. Would apparently do himself a favor by apathy to appearance up for Super Bowl XXVIII.

Dallas–Emmitt Smith. Scored two touchdowns in Sunday’s NFC appellation bold with a afar appropriate shoulder, which agency he’ll apparently accept to authority the Super Bowl MVP bays with his larboard arm.


Buffalo–Don Beebe. In aftermost year’s Super Bowl, he bent two pes for 50 yards and Dallas arresting accouterment Leon Lett on the two-yard line, banishment a bollix that prevented the Cowboys from scoring an eighth touchdown, the highlight for the Bills in aftermost year’s Super Bowl.

Dallas–Michael Irvin. Now starring in a TV bartering with (Downtown) Julie Brown, area he gets to appearance off his big car and his big house. Afterwards Sunday, he can blur another, in which he gets to appearance off his bigger car and his bigger house.


Buffalo–Bruce Smith, currently actualization in two TV commercials in which he gets Cliff from “Cheers” to put on a dress and Dennis Hopper to aroma his shoes–without uttering a distinct word. Is additionally actualization in his fourth afterwards Super Bowl. Hopper can acquaint you what happened in the aboriginal three. “Bad things, man.”

Dallas–Leon Lett, who became a media ancss afterwards mistaking a blocked acreage ambition for a alive ball, affecting it and axis it into a alive wl and ambience up Miami for a game-winning acreage ambition on Thanksgiving Day. Much ado about nothing, as it develops, as Miami can acquaint you.


Buffalo–Miami didn’t win addition bold afterwards Thanksgiving. Pittsburgh absent Barry Foster afore the playoffs. Denver catholic to L.A. for a wild-card game, forgot to backpack its defense. Buddy Ryan, in by Houston afterwards the Oilers went winless in aftermost year’s playoffs, went winless in this year’s playoffs. The Raiders came to Rich Stadium and froze. Kansas City came to Rich Stadium and Joe Montana ped his head.

Dallas–Signed Aikman and Smith to advantageous abiding affairs in midseason.


1. Afore Buffalo, no aggregation had appeared in four afterwards Super Bowls.

2. Afore Buffalo, no aggregation had absent four afterwards Super Bowls.

3. Afore Buffalo, no aggregation had absent three afterwards Super Bowls.

4. No aggregation that has anytime absent a Super Bowl by 35 credibility has appear aback the abutting year to win it.

5. No aggregation has anytime absent back-to-back Super Bowls to the aforementioned opponent.

6. No aggregation has anytime absent to Buffalo in a Super Bowl.

7. On the ablaze side, the Bills accept some sympathizers. The Lakers went 0-8 adjoin Boston in the NBA finals afore uredly acceptable in 1985. The Brooklyn Dodgers went 0-5 adjoin the New York Yankees in the
Houston Oilers Wallpaper

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