Seven Taboos About Prefix In Biology You Should Never Share On Twitter

Seven Taboos About Prefix In Biology You Should Never Share On Twitter – Prefix In Biology

The agreement �prefix� and �suffix� accommodate the chat �fix�, or �affix�. What is this in agreement of Setswana? Fikisa is a Bantu appellation (now fitlhisa in Setswana) acceptation �make ability a


Mmegi Blogs :: Unveiling the age-old ancestry of prefi and suffi

With this obviated, what is the ‘pre’ in ‘prefix’ itself? Pre (‘before’) relates to the proto-term pere (before); now pele in Setswana due to the accepted l to r sound-shift. As for su in ‘suffix’, it agency ‘under’, as in ‘sous-chef’ (ounced ‘soo-shef’ in French): the chef alive beneath the chef: his deputy. Su ability ume different to ‘under’ in Setswana (which is ‘tlase’), but its absolute agnate is ‘selo-se’…the se itself actuality a prefix acceptation ‘like’, as in se-morafe (‘tribe-like’ as in ‘tribal’ or ‘tribalistic’) and ‘selo’ acceptation ‘thing’ – appropriately a affair ‘like’, or ‘after the appearance of’. Indeed, ‘like’ and ‘after’ chronicle in that a affair that is likened to article abroad is accounted to be ‘following’, or is ‘behind’ or ‘after’ or ‘under’ that thing. Of course, selo in accelerated accent is s’oo.

As it turns out, selo-se is but one of abounding admixture agreement of s’oo, others actuality sus, sub, sup, sug, suc, suf and sum – all implying ‘under’. In added words, the abundant aberration afterward su (‘under’) is absolutely clearly a anemic answer of the circuitous variations of audible and broad accessories in Setswana: s’oo-se[tona], ‘s’oo-bo[rethe], s’oo-go[swa], s’oo-mo[diro], etc. Accepting appropriately dealt with the composition of the agreement ‘prefix’ and ‘suffix‘ themselves, let us now accord with examples of such appendages. One of best acclimated of prefi is ‘a’ – a proto-term that can beggarly ‘of/towards’ or ‘away from’ depending on the context. Example: ‘metsi a noka’: baptize acceptance to the river’ is as in the English appellation ‘abase’ (‘lead against actuality at the base’). Examples of the adverse acceptation is ‘attenuate’ (‘lead abroad from actuality tenuous, i.e. to weaken’), and ‘aual’ (away from (i.e. ‘not’) ual’.

From ‘a’, it seems adapted to now altercate ‘be’. In Sesotho, be is still as in the ancient, now-extinct languages of Sumerian and Akkadian…and in English. “A go be joalo” agency “may it be so”. As such, the prefix be as in ‘bedevil’ agency ‘be a devil [to addition or something]’; ‘befuddle’ agency ‘be ambagious [to addition or something]’, etc. The Latin prefix ‘semi’, back transliterated to Setswana, is composed of se (like)…mme (but). In added words, it is like something…but not absolutely (se is acclimated in the archetype explained above). The appellation mme (but) additionally appears in the Latin prefix mis, as in ‘ppropriate, misconduct, miscalculate’, etc. We can anatomize the appellation as absolute mme (but) and ese (‘not being’). Thus, back a verb (an ‘action word) is appended, as in ‘calculate’, the abounding faculty is: ‘but not absolutely actuality to calculate’, i.e. not appropriately calculating. Addition appellation accepting a faculty of ‘not absolutely like’ is anti or ante. I accept apparent the chat ante acclimated in Sumerian and it basically agency ‘on the contrary’. In Setswana, the appellation ka (‘by agency of’, e.g. ka selepe: ‘by agency of an axe’) was appended, so it is now kante (ka ante) – but

the capital acceptation does not change. Thus, today we may say:  A re ke nnete, kante ke maaka (‘He says it is the truth, [but] on the adverse it is lies’). As such, ‘ante-clockwise’ agency ‘counter of clockwise’. And ‘anti-establishment’ agency ‘opposing the establishment’.

Although there are abounding added prefi we can discuss, we charge to acquiesce amplitude for suffi, so the aftermost ones I will altercate are tele, as in telephone, telescope, television, etc., and para, as in paramount, parallel, paragon, etc. Tele in Latin agency ‘far away’ or ‘a continued way away’, appropriately a blast allows one to accept to sounds (‘phonetics’) from far away; a telescope allows one to see a afterimage (‘scope’) from far, a television allows one to see (‘vision’) from far, and so forth. Tele clearly relates to telle (long, diffuse – appropriately ‘at a distance’) in Setswana, after strung out to telele in the aforementioned way mollo (fire) can now be molelo. Para (phara in Setswana, as in bo-phara) agency ‘wide’, or rather ‘of  abundant width’, appropriately accepting the semantic acceptation of ‘big’ or ‘great’, and this faculty is basic in the prefi ‘paramount’ (‘of the greatest height’) and apotheosis (‘the greatest model/example’’). But para additionally relates to ‘pair’ (thus ma-para (thighs) in Setswana), appropriately the ogue Indo-European appellation ‘parallel’, which is composed of para lala (lie down]), appropriately acceptation ‘that which lies advanced off [another]’.

Getting, now, to suffi, we acquisition that the English appellation ‘ish’ agency ‘like’ or ‘having the appropriate of’ – appropriately ‘darkish’ agency ‘dark-like’ or ‘having the appropriate of darkness’, and ‘piggish’ agency ‘pig-like’ or ‘having the appropriate of a pig’. We may chronicle all this with the Setswana suffix ‘e se’ – ‘it is like’(e se-pitse: ‘it is horse-like’. Addition well-used suffix is ‘ile’ as tactile, mobile, docile, etc. Although it is agnate in acceptation to ‘ish’, ile has added a faculty of ‘having appear to be’.

The ociation of ‘having transformed’ is clearer in Setswana: ‘senyegile’ is ‘having become spoilt’, latlhegile is ‘having become lost’, etc. ‘Ile’ can additionally beggarly ‘having gone’, appropriately the French appellation soleil (‘sun’) can be deciphered as the age-old byword zu-le-ile: ‘darkness has [now] gone.’ Aftermost anniversary we dealt with the Latin suffix ere (to [be]’ which is included in abounding Latin terms. The appellation junge(re), ‘(to) yoke’, is one such term. Here, the ere is ‘to’ while
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