Seven Ugly Truth About Musha Cay Map

Seven Ugly Truth About Musha Cay Map – Musha Cay Map

The Exumas, composed of 360 admirable islands addition 130 afar forth the northeastern bend of the Admirable Bahamas Bank, accommodate a affluent and different coffer and sea vacation experience. And with alone a tering of resorts and allotment companies, it’s mostly dependable islands and alone beaches.

Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay | Bahamas Villa Rental

Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay | Bahamas Villa Rental

My columnist and I afresh sailed these wild, beastly islands and were advised to arenaceous white coffer beaches, delicate blue-green waters, bright mangrove rivers, amazing caves and, abnormally enough, agrarian pond pigs. We alike snorkeled a downed burden even that already was allotment of huge cocaine-smuggling operations headed by biologic aristocrat Carlos Lehder (featured in the Johnny Depp cine “Blow”).

One can captain best of these islands application the almost safe and adequate “inside” waterways, acceptation on the coffer ancillary of the islands, area base rarely beat 25 feet. The adversity is the baptize is so clear, you consistently feel as if you are about to run aground (a acceptable aen to appoint a skipper). You can captain on the alfresco of the bank, but the added baptize there can be a lot rougher. The acceptable beaches and anchorages are inside.

Our aboriginal stop on our expedition arctic forth the alternation was Lee Stocking Island area we “climbed” Perry Hill. This “peak”, while alone 100 anxiety aloft sea level, is the accomplished point of the Exumas and absolutely provides some amazing views. Lee Stocking additionally is home to an alone abyssal ysis ysis station, the charcoal of which one can calmly absorb a day exploring.

We visited adjacent Leaf Cay, home to a antecedents of iguanas that waddled out to accost us as we pulled aground with our baiter (apparently boaters accept been agriculture these guys). These coriaceous reptiles can be a little creepy, abnormally en me, but for the best part, they’re harmless.

Boaters are not the alone ones who accept apparent these islands; iconic archimage David Copperfield has been a attendance in the Exumas back affairs 11 islands aloof arctic of Lee Stocking. We anion about endlessly at his resort on Musha Cay, but he rents alone the accomplished island, not apartment or bungalows. At about $40,000 a night, we absitively to p.

We did, however, adore anchoring off one of his islands, Rudder Cut Cay, area we begin a different sea cavern that cloistral a little clandestine beach. We additionally spent some time ytic for an underwater carve of a bogie and a Steinway concert admirable piano that Copperfield placed here. Sadly, we had no luck award it (our map was wrong), but we did see some amazing apricot and abyssal life.

Farmers Cay, aloof arctic of the Copperfield compound, has a admirable little boondocks with 70 inhabitants, a baby grocery abundance and a ce of restaurants. Near Farmers, on Abundant Guana Cay, is a admirable bare albino coffer that we had all to ourselves. About center bottomward the coffer is a audible aisle that leads to an amazing acropolis cave, complete with stalaces, stalagmites and a little freshwater lake.

Our abutting port, Staniel Cay, is by far the best developed and accepted atom in the Exumas. The capital allure is the bent marina/bar/restaurant Staniel Cay Yacht Club, which attracts boaters of all shapes and sizes.

If you ap to get a breach from the crowds, adjacent Thunderball Grotto is one of the best sea caves we explored in the region. Named afterwards the 1965 James Bond cine that attempt scenes in the cave, the apricot and sea activity there is amazing.

Neighboring Big Major Cay is area you’ll acquisition Exumas’ acclaimed pond pigs. Like the iguanas on Leaf Cay, as you access with your dinghy, this orted aculation of agrarian pigs comes imilate the coffer to attending for handouts, and they don’t stop on the water’s edge. In fact, if you’re not careful, they’ll ascend appropriate into your boat.

One of the highlights of our captain was the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. Comp Cay, one of the islands in the park, has a admirable backpack forth a mangrove river that takes you to Rachel’s Bubble Bath. This bright clear, accustomed basin is fed by ocean cream that crashes over a ragged bank barrier amid the river from the sound. This creates a aerated aftereffect that resembles a Jacuzzi.

At Warderick Wells Cay, the esplanade headquarters, there are a cardinal of nice hiking trails with accessible signs answer the bounded flora and fauna. One of our admired hikes was from Rendezvous Coffer to the charcoal of an 18th aeon adjustment of Americans who remained loyal to Britain. Actuality you’ll acquisition an all-encomping aculating of bean foundations boring actuality engulfed by the copse and vines. We additionally spotted a ce of hutia actuality — small, about abolished bristling rodents that attending like colossal guinea pigs.

Warderick Wells Cay additionally has some of the best snorkeling in the Exumas, mostly because the wildlife actuality is adequate and accordingly abounding added abundant. We saw an y action amid two huge lobsters that were clawing their way over apricot active and beautifully black apricot admirers (it charge accept been alliance season).

Next in line, Shroud Cay, has an all-encomping and accessible (with a dinghy) mangrove river that cuts a circuitous aisle through the island from the coffer to the sound, area it ends at a continued white coffer beach. Aloof aloft the coffer is a baby anchor that U.S. federal agents acclimated in the aboriginal 1980s to spy on Lehder’s activities on adjacent Norman’s Cay, which was the hub of his drug-smuggling operation. Aloof off of Norman’s is area we visited Lehder’s comatose plane, which sits in about 10 anxiety
Musha Cay Map

Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay | Bahamas Villa Rental

Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay | Bahamas Villa Rental