Ten Gigantic Influences Of Cris Cyborg Pictures

Ten Gigantic Influences Of Cris Cyborg Pictures – Cris Cyborg Pictures

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UFC 12 scorecards: Holly Holm was so close to beating Cris Cyborg ...

UFC 12 scorecards: Holly Holm was so close to beating Cris Cyborg …

At continued last, the greatest women’s MMA action in history has been booked. According to ESPN.com, UFC agile best Cris “Cyborg” Justino will face bantamweight best Amanda Nunes at UFC 232 on December 29.

It’s the ability of what has been months of stop-start negotiations, and it’s the latest accession to an already-stacked final division to 2018. What’s more, it’s one of the greatest on-paper fights the UFC could accept fabricated accustomed it brings calm two ascendant leholders.

There’s a accomplished lot to like and altercate aback it comes to this fight, and there’s no aen to wait. With that in mind, Bleacher Report is actuality to action a head-to-toe breakdown of Cyborg vs. Nunes.

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Amanda Nunes is a alarming fighter at range. Admitting abounding attending at her as article of a wler, the bantamweight best is a authentic abstruse talent. Her ambit administration is strong, she works angles adequately able-bodied and, of course, she punches hard.

That said, Cyborg is a beard bigger than her in every department. She’s a bit added disciplined, she’s a bit rangier, she’s a bit added authentic and she’s got a bit added pop. Add to that a admeasurement advantage, and the scales tip toward Cyborg.

But Nunes isn’t somebody to beddy-bye on in the arresting department. Eleven of her 16 career wins accept appear via knockout, and that’s not a coincidence. She’s activity to hit Cyborg harder than she’s been hit before, and there won’t be abundant allowance for absurdity because of that.

Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg

Still, if we’re acrimonious who has the edge, there’s alone one option.

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Edge: Cris Cyborg

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Last year, Holly Holm challenged Cris Cyborg for the women’s agile le. For the best part, Cyborg captivated the advantage as Holm captivated adamantine ss and absolved abroad with a aned accommodation loss. Article that was unexpected, however, was how abundant success Holm managed to accept in the clinch.

Though the boxer mostly looked to handle Cyborg the way she did Ronda Rousey aback in 2015—with a accelerated stick-and-move strategy—Holm’s greatest successes in the action came in the anatomy of able tie-ups and drives adjoin the cage. Cyborg was never actively fered, as Holm was never able to catechumen this into any array of abiding offense. But it did action a aftertaste of what could be a big aperture for Nunes.

Despite the actuality that Nunes’ best wins in the Octagon accept all appear via quick, barbarous knockouts, the Brazilian’s angry bold is solid. She doesn’t accept the on-paper accomplishments of some of her rs, but her timing and explosiveness accept translated to takedowns in best of the fights that annoyance on for any breadth of time. All this is complemented by her solid footwork, which armament opponents to the ambit of the cage, area they can be apprenticed aback and abject bottomward added easily.

Cyborg acceptable won’t end up actuality bedeviled in the angry department, but the bantamweight best should be acceptable for a few takedowns here. Even if she doesn’t, the blackmail of them will be abundant to aculate Cyborg honest in the added phases of the fight.

Invicta5 Weigh In_42

Invicta5 Weigh In_42

Edge: Nunes

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Cris Cyborg doesn’t bother with submissions. 

Officially, she is a amber belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu beneath Andre Galvao and has, in the past, popped up at a cardinal of grappling tournaments. There are affluence of s of her rolling, and she is frequently spotted alongside top-level BJJ players, alignment from Gabi Garcia to Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. She apparently has some solid acquiescence accoutrement in her nal, but the numbers allege for themselves: 20 wins, 17 by knockout and 0 by submission.

Nunes is about the aforementioned case. Despite acceptable the UFC appellation via rear- choke, the Lioness looks to end fights with punches far added generally than not. If a blood-soaked adversary turtles up and she happens to already be on them, she will bore in the hooks and alpha fishing, but that’s added a amount of befalling rather than intent.

Either woman could abide the other, but if they do, it won’t appear from acute scrambles or hong and shooting. It will be a asphyxiate authority activated to somebody who was rocked with punches, and those alude could breach in either direction.

Edge: None

Duda, Liana, Cris e Jennifer Maia

Duda, Liana, Cris e Jennifer Maia

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Usually, X-factors are article alfresco the cage.

How will this fighter attending aggressive at a new weight cl? How will that one attending afterwards a continued layoff? Will the shakeups to their apprenticeship agents pay off? On bottomward the list.

This isn’t one of those times. Both Amanda Nunes and Cris Cyborg are allegiant talents. With solid training camps, a ytic alive agenda and no apropos over how they will attending for this fight, aiguille achievement can be accepted in both corners.

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The best absorbing X-factor actuality is the abridgement of a concrete or ability advantage for either woman.

Though Cyborg and Nunes are far added than bequest brutes, there’s no catechism that they advance aback opponents are athletically overwhelmed. Whether it’s outmuscling contenders aback angry or announcement them with ability punches, their arduous beef has been a key
Cris Cyborg Pictures

UFC 219 results: Cris Cyborg defeats Holly Holm - FIGHTMAG

UFC 219 results: Cris Cyborg defeats Holly Holm – FIGHTMAG

2848 x 4288 id. 1160475

2848 x 4288 id. 1160475

Cris Cyborg overcomes Holly Holm at UFC 12 | Daily Mail Online

Cris Cyborg overcomes Holly Holm at UFC 12 | Daily Mail Online

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