The Death Of Isokern Magnum 6 Installation

The Death Of Isokern Magnum 6 Installation – Isokern Magnum 48 Installation

Posted by Mark Williams | April 5, 2013

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Story and photos by John Kiewicz

In the past, aggravating to catechumen your earlier barter from accepted carburetion to avant-garde ammunition bang was not alone difficult, it was cher as well. Assuming you could install all the genitalia correctly, you would accept to use a laptop to accomplish appropriate calibrations, which best bodies apperceive annihilation about. As a result, modernizing your earlier auto with cyberbanking ammunition bang was acutely impossible.

Of course, there are lots of affidavit why barter owners amount EFI: hardly added adeptness and bigger ammunition economy, bargain tailpipe emissions, decidedly bigger burke response, awfully bigger algid start-up and the adeptness to bound acclimate to alteration distance like altitude, temperature and agent load.

Thankfully, a aggregation alleged Ammunition Air Spark Technology has created a new “EZ-EFI” fuel-injection arrangement that is almost simple to install and that does not crave custom programming. And the adorableness of the EZ-EFI arrangement is that it fits any make’s agent and any appearance of engine, as able-bodied as any butt agreement (V-10, V-8, V-6, I-6 or I-4).

For installation, the alone claim is that your assimilation assorted has a accepted Holley (4150 style) “square bore” aperture — which is accepted on abounding engines. Otherwise, no appropriate assimilation assorted is bare because the EZ-EFI burke anatomy will use the aboriginal carburetor-type burke linkage, and it works with aloof about any blazon of agitation system, branch or aftermarket.

Once anchored in place, the arrangement is arrest and play. In fact, it’s self-tuning, so as you test-drive the system, the computer is acquirements and architecture an added added absolute air/fuel mix. The accepted single-throttle-body EZ-EFI bureaucracy can abutment engines up to 650 horsepower.

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Fireplaces Archives –

To analysis the affluence of accession forth with the accurate capability of EZ-EFI induction, we installed the arrangement on a 1971 Chevrolet C-10 barter that was powered by a new 383-cubic-inch V-8. The accession was aboveboard and was able in one day. To validate the achievement allowances we conducted before-and-after anatomy dyno testing forth with before-and-after ammunition abridgement runs over a 125-mile analysis loop.

The arrangement costs about $2,000 (depending on options) and contains aggregate bare to catechumen your truck’s carbureted agent into a avant-garde EFI performer. Contained in the adept kit (part No. 30227) is a complete throttle-body accumulation (with four chip ammunition injectors), EFI ascendancy unit, hand-held ascendancy module, complete base harness, a wide-band oxygen sensor, a coolant temperature sensor, an electric ammunition pump and a ammunition corrupt kit with Army/Navy fittings.

This is the attending of the Chevrolet 383 V-8 agent with the Holley four-barrel carburetor. The agent ran able and bland with the 750-cubic-feet-per-minute carburetor, but we capital added responsiveness, achievement and ammunition economy. To begin, abolish the carburetor, basin ammunition curve and the automated ammunition pump (if applicable).

The EZ-EFI burke anatomy is aluminum and mounts to any assimilation assorted that appearance a accepted Holley 4150-style aboveboard bore opening. Install the burke body, bind the application basics and again reconnect the burke and manual linkage. The EZ-EFI arrangement comes with a batten aluminum adjustable fuel-pressure regulator. We installed the regulator on the advanced of the butt arch and again installed the high-pressure ammunition band that comes with A/N fittings. - Part 8 – Part 8

Mount the ascendancy assemblage in a defended area as far from calefaction as possible. Afterward, attach the base harness’ capital affiliation to the ascendancy unit. From there, affix the ascendancy unit’s capital adeptness and arena affairs to the battery. Each of the affairs on the capital accouter appearance a tag that identifies area to affix it on the burke body. Here, we affix the assorted air temperature sensor wire. Total time to affix all affairs to the burke anatomy was beneath than bristles minutes.

The arrangement requires a abiding accumulation of ammunition delivered at 43 pounds per aboveboard inch; as a result, a banal (carburetor-type) low-pressure, automated ammunition pump will acceptable charge to be replaced with a high-pressure, electric ammunition pump. The new pump and quick-connect base was included with our kit, but some applications may not crave its installation.

To acquiesce the EZ-EFI to actuate the able air/fuel ratios while driving, a wide-band oxygen sensor is required. Our kit included a weld-in, threaded arrest and oxygen sensor. We army the sensor aloof abaft the bankrupt attack collector.

Once the EZ-EFI arrangement is installed, you will use the supplied hand-held ascendancy bore to manually ascribe abstracts specifics apropos your exact engine. You will be asked to analyze items such as cubic inch displacement, cardinal of cylinders, adapted abandoned speed, agent redline and more. Once complete, you can alpha the engine. As the agent runs, the computer receives ascribe from the assorted sensors and will always accomplish able air/fuel adjustments in absolute time.

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Eco-Steel & Eco-Steel+ Venting Solutions |

It is able-bodied accepted that EFI usually does not decidedly advance adeptness over a well-tuned carburetor. However, EFI is accepted for bearing lower emissions and decidedly bigger ammunition economy. We took our ’71 Chevy C-10 to Hennessey Achievement for before-and-after dyno testing to actuate how our adeptness achievement had changed. With the Holley four-barrel carburetor, the agent fabricated a aiguille achievement of 363.2 hp forth with 414.7 pounds-feet torque. After installing the EZ-EFI, the barter produced 366.6 hp with 423.8 pounds-feet torque. Additionally, we did before-and-after ammunition abridgement testing (over the aforementioned 125-mile analysis loop) and accomplished a 4.1-mpg improvement. Of course, what we best acknowledge is the decidedly crisper burke acknowledgment and abundant smoother algid starts.



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Isokern Magnum 48 Installation

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