The Story Of Map Of North East Scotland Has Just Gone Viral!

The Story Of Map Of North East Scotland Has Just Gone Viral! – Map Of North East Scotland

A new whisky map has been created uming every distillery you can appointment in Scotland – and the blow of the UK.

The map, created by Premier Inn, showcases altered distilleries in Aberdeenshire, Moray and Angus.

Map best beheld on desktop

It additionally highlights aloof how absolute the Speyside arena is for whisky admirers attractive to bout their favourite distilleries.

In absolute there’s 76 altered distilleries that can be visited in Scotland, including the two oldest in the country -Glenturret, which was founded in 1775, and Bowmore, which was founded in 1779.

The map additionally appearance a cardinal of British whiskies including distilleries in Wales, the Isle of White and London.

Map Of North East Scotland

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