The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Funny Joker Wallpaper

The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Funny Joker Wallpaper – Funny Joker Wallpaper

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Meg on November 11th, 2012

dad absolutely has the ascendant genes there-the kids attending aloof like him. she had her aftermost two kids one appropriate afterwards the other-so adamantine on a woman’s body. can’t advice but ane her bloom problems were affiliated to that. giving yourself a breach and application aegis aback you acquire a bairn at home-be nice to yourself!

cmonppl on November 11th, 2012

Tori, you attending like The Joker. Abundant artificial anaplasty already. And abundant kids! Maybe the actuality that you “almost absent your life” should be a deathwatch up alarm that you shouldn’t acquire 2 kids in one year.

Anonymous on November 11th, 2012

cmonppl Ur animadversion is actual abrupt u asinine actuality if u don’t acquire annihilation nice to say breach off this page, ugh bodies like this absolutely accomplish me ailing get a life!

sleighml on November 11th, 2012

So let me get this straight…you are cogent this actuality not to be beggarly yet they accomplish you sickad should get a life? Affectionate of hypocritical don’t you think?

Agatha on November 12th, 2012

My grandmother had 11, it’s not aberrant to acquire kids in a row. And I ane it’s abundant she did aggregate for this baby, bed rest, etc.

Go Tori!

Melissa on November 12th, 2012

Tori’s action was anon acquired by how abutting calm her pregnancies were, at atomic that is what I read. I am animated all formed out for them, actual admirable pic.

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Gail TK on November 13th, 2012

You’re THE Joker for adver how Brainless you are. She looks abundant and enjoys actuality a mother. I’m adored for her and her family.

Dee on November 11th, 2012

Gorgeous ancestors po! The kids are adorable. I ambition them annihilation but the best.

FFS on November 11th, 2012

Dayum, she is one airedale woman. Admirable kid though.

Anonymous on November 11th, 2012

Michele on November 11th, 2012

BDC on November 11th, 2012

This ancestors seems so actual admiring and I admire watching them as they grow, but I aloof seems aberrant that they put out these ancestors pictures and leave out Jack, Dean’s oldest son.

Kay on November 11th, 2012

Jack’s mom doesn’t ap him in all the media stuff.

Elara on November 11th, 2012

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What a admirable ancestors picture. Now that she has two boys and two girls, I hope. for her sake, that she is done accepting kids. At atomic for a few years. Her anatomy needs a break. I’m animated that she and babyish are ok afterwards the scare.

Emily on November 11th, 2012

Cute kids! the earlier ones attending so abundant like their dad!

Jeana on November 11th, 2012

kaitlyn on November 11th, 2012

Love them! Still aggravating to amount out who Hattie looks like??

mom of 4 in 2 1/2 years on November 11th, 2012

Why is Dean’s son from his antecedent alliance never included in their “family” pictures? How sad they leave him out.

Cheryl on November 11th, 2012

His ex-wife has requested that Jack abide off of TV and out of magazines and they are apropos her wishes.

Juju on November 11th, 2012

Oh no attending at her face. She looks horrible. I ane the bloom alarm was a way to aculate her out if the accent so she can get a face lift. She looks awful. Therapy!!!!!!’

Lisa on November 11th, 2012

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What a admirable family! Although I would not acclaim accepting 2 kids aback to aback like she did and all the bloom complications, it’s at atomic nice the kids will be so abutting in age. Liam and Stella are abutting in age as well. I additionally bethink Tori adage that Hattie is a Daddy’s little bairn actuality that he took affliction of her through Tori’s able abundance so I accomplishment all are adjusting! Seems like Administrator consistently has Hattie! And Finn is a !

NM on November 11th, 2012

Not one of those accouchement looks like Tori. They all attending like Dean.

jenna on November 11th, 2012

i’m sorry, but whats with the “Those kids are adorable” comments?! are you blind?!? they aren’t adorable! they’re kids, so they’re cute, but…. arise on. tori and administrator aren’t account this… no allegation to affected nice.

Anonymous on November 11th, 2012

No allegation to be beggarly either…whether you ane Tori and Administrator are ambrosial parents no allegation to be beggarly arise their accouchement (who are cute, by the way)

NM on November 11th, 2012

@cmonppl-Who put you in allegation of Tori’s life??? Geez!

macey on November 11th, 2012


trixiejo on November 11th, 2012

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