Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

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Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included – Nolan has always been a good place to live – and it will soon improve. Our beautifully finished one and two bedroom interiors promise modern fixtures and fittings as well as all the space needed for a comfortable home life.

Nolan is a residential area in Maricopa County and has the 85210 zip code. This area is served by the Mesa Unified Attendance Zone.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

From art to art education and hiking – Central Mesa has everything you need in a community. This large residential area is stunning with the Yujri Mountains in the distance.

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Residents have direct access to major highways as well as the city’s rail network. With Phoenix Mesa Airport just a few miles to the south, international travel is made easy. Golf courses, country clubs, and parks abound in Central Mesa. A hands-on art museum for kids, the I.DEA Museum, Arizona Museum of Natural History and Pioneer Park are all within walking distance.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

The cuisine is extensive and includes vegetarian, Tex-Mex, Italian and Thai. Central Mesa is home to many large companies and local businesses.

Nolan Mesa CC is within 7 minutes or 2.5 miles from South and Dobson. It is also close to Mesa CC, Downtown Center and Arizona State University, Tempe.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

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Transportation options available in Mesa include Sycamore/Main Street, 1.6 miles from Nolan. Nolan is close to Phoenix Sky Harbor International, which is 11.4 miles or 19 minutes away, and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, which is 17.7 miles or 27 minutes away.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

You can exit by staying in this area. Some activities can be done on foot, but others will require a car.

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There are 3 shopping centers within 0.8 miles in Nolan, approximately a 14 minute walk. It will be a treasure miles and minutes away.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

Nolan has five parks within 7.8 miles including i.dea. Museum, Arizona Museum of Natural History and ASU Center for Meteorite Studies.

There are 3 military bases within 89.2 miles of Nolan, the closest being the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Air Guard Station which is 14.9 miles and 21 minutes away.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

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This rating combines tenant and property reviews into one simple score to help you evaluate a property. Factors influencing these standards include architectural design, construction, outdoor spaces and amenities.

Do you want to ignore service requests? Do you want to pay a lot of money for doing nothing? Nolan is yours right there!

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

Communication with the manager was terrible. It’s hard to get in touch with someone with the right information and no one admits it’s wrong or doesn’t have the information you’re asking for; They just gave me the answer they thought was right. Signing my lease and moving into the apartment was the worst experience I have ever had.

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If you’re looking for a home where management doesn’t care and you’re still paying rent for sub-standard apartments and services, then Nolan would be the best place to stay.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

If you want police and forensic units in your apartment all the time, and crime rampant other than people making heroin in the laundry room, look no further. Nolan does not care about safety or environmental standards during their charging!

I live here since 2018. I find his house comfortable. My house is cool. A bit out of the riff raff at times. But there you go.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

Tierra Antigua Apartments

I applied for this house and was sent back twice and was told I was good to go and I was tired of contacting the office but there was no answer when I called and put down $100 for the application. Fees and administration fees of $150 I would think twice about spending on terrible customer service here.

This place is full of cockroaches. Configuration guides are not available. I would definitely not recommend this house to anyone. Please stay away.

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

This is only my second month here and they are raising my rent which was not stated when I signed my lease. Their fix doesn’t fix anything in my bathroom it still doesn’t drain and my garbage disposal doesn’t work causing my drain to back up and my kitchen sink won’t drain. The office does not answer our calls and sends emails saying they do not answer them due to the high volume of calls. They had a hard time deciding which unit they put us in and the room they put us in was disgusting as if it wasn’t fixed and the toilet stopped urinating. This place is the worst, I could go on. Just read here!! If I can, I’ll stand outside their rented office telling people who come in to go back to their cars and look elsewhere. The only good thing is the neighbors, they are as good as ever.

Blue Ridge Apartments

It’s so hard to stay inside! They don’t care to help with safety instructions or anything!

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

The place looked great when I visited, when I walked in I saw a lot of work, looks like I cut and installed some of these cabinets, panels and countertops. And even though I like to keep my place very clean, I’ve had a roach problem for a while. I could clearly see them coming out of the small holes in the walls. That issue went away and even though I became more and more fussy about the cleanliness of my space, I didn’t see any sign of them, so I guess that’s good. The back gate has been broken since I walked in and it looks like someone just broke in. All my friends who visited liked my house but I won’t go back after finishing my house

I was given a renovated house that had walls that had a lot of water damage or paint damage, on the front door you can see where they missed the old paint again. There is a hole behind the faucet under my sink and bugs get in. My windows don’t have curtains and my bedroom door didn’t close properly from day one. None of the drawers in the kitchen were working properly. I don’t feel safe to walk outside at all. I found this place because it was cheap in the area and I needed a home quickly, but I realized it wasn’t a good idea anymore. At least the equipment is new, right?

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

Vista Grove Apartments

It would be better for the dog park to be maintained more often than before, to stay on top of things. After the FD display the front and back gates are working fine, the laundry room doors don’t close completely, let alone lock. I no longer do laundry on site because the washers cannot properly wash and clean the clothes. Also there was a homeless man who I think had just washed his clothes in the pool, he went into the laundry room and opened all the dryer doors to dry his clothes. All the while walking around in her underwear and hanging out in the laundry room. I think this is due to the two things I mentioned earlier about the laundry room gates and doors. I don’t need to open my pistol to go to the laundry in my own house. It is not allowed at all.

Disappointed with our apartment and the whole experience. Nolan has a bug problem and I think we’ve been duped. Do yourself a favor and keep looking for a home

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

Me gusta que es una area muy tranquila y segura pero todo estaria bien si el mantenimiento fuera más efficiente

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It doesn’t matter!!!!! Don’t hang around here, there are badasses, office wives spend more time doing clown makeup than helping people with rent!!! Whoever owns this place needs to hire people who really know how to help their tenants! Instead of rolling your eyes when you need security help

Apartments In Mesa Az With Utilities Included

The dog park area is covered in dog waste and is not properly maintained, the staff have been very rude to me in the past. I regret ever moving

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