Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

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Baby Hunter Halloween Costume – Along with my boys HALLOWEEN FOOTBALL BROTHERS COSTUME,  with DIY Soccer Pads and DIY Soccer Cookies, I’m sharing 88 more really awesome costume ideas from talented bloggers everywhere!

Today I’m teaming up with Jamie Dorobek and his handmade Halloween costume site, Really Awesome Costumes to bring you over 88+ DIY Halloween costumes for everyone, including your kids, pets, family costumes, and even a “trunk or treat” idea !

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

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And not only are we Broncos fans, we are also “this family”. People who like to dress up in family costumes for Halloween.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

Last year, it was a football Halloween for us, but since our costumes weren’t ready until the night before, I didn’t have time to post any details on the blog before the holiday. So with Halloween right around the corner again, now is the perfect time for me to share the DIY details of my boy’s costume for all those other families who have football on the brain.

Beckett already owned a Peyton Manning jersey, but I wanted to make his football outfit a little more authentic with the addition of some football pads. I googled a bit and came across a mother who created soccer pads for her three sons – the concept was very simple, but I couldn’t find some of the materials she used, so I adapted her idea to come up with. with my own version, a little simpler. This is an easy enough DIY costume for anyone to tackle (bad pun fully intended).

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

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I bought a yard of 1/2″ foam from a fabric store, then laid the Beckett jersey on top to get a basic idea of ​​the dimensions. If you happen to want to make football pads for a jersey size 18 months – the dimensions listed here will be just right. For any other size, you’ll just have to approximate your own measurements – but I’ll give you some tips on how to do that.

First I spread the jersey over the foam and marked the width of the shoulders (width at the shoulders of this size 18 month jersey was 11 inches), then the length from the shoulders to the bottom of the jersey (12 inches, although I’m done). up cutting about half an inch front and back when I made them to prevent it from staying under the jersey).

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

I knew the pads should be narrow in the torso, so I decided to measure the bottom a little less than half the shoulder width (I went with 5 inches). I used a ruler to connect the shoulders and waist with the corner line.

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I put the jersey on the foam again and draw the approximate shape of the collar. Then I added a cut line from the point of the V-neck to the bottom center of the pads so that the stuffed pads would fit like a vest.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

I printed out the shoulder pattern from this site, but since the pattern was for older boys, after it was cut to size, I continued to cut about a quarter inch all the way around. I drew the reduced pattern on the foam twice.

After cutting all the pieces (the foam was easy to cut with just a regular pair of household scissors), I used my hot glue gun to glue the shoulder pads in place. Notice that I cut the front and back as one piece. I didn’t cut along the shoulder line I drew, I just used that line as a guide for where to attach the shoulder pads.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

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The final step was to find a way to hold the pads in place. I’ve seen other tutorials that involve gluing or sewing with velcro, but I wanted to keep this as easy as possible, so I used ribbon I already had at home to create laces to simply tie the pads in place.

I grabbed ribbon from the gift wrap closet and used an Exacto cutter to cut slits in the foam at the front and corners.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

I laced two long ribbons across the front, leaving them loose enough to easily slip the pads over Beckett’s head, but allowing me to tighten the laces and tie them at the bottom after he put them on. I then attached ribbon to each of the bottom corners so the pads would be tied at Beckett’s waist.

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In each case, I cut the slits just big enough to thread the ribbon through, but kept the slits small enough that I could double the ribbon on the back side of the pads and the knot wouldn’t pull.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

Beckett wasn’t a big fan of the football pads when we first put them on. It was a two-man job – Scott held his arms above his head to prevent him from removing them while I tied them in place. You can see in this blurry photo that he was not happy wearing them. But as soon as we put his jersey on the pads, he completely forgot about them and didn’t bug them once.

I cut off some of the excess ribbon length after the pads were attached so the ribbons wouldn’t swing under the jersey.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume Little Boys’ Ups Guy Costume Large (4 6)

I was very proud of the pads when I first made them, but I was even more excited to see how good they looked under Beckett’s jersey. They really looked like football pads!

We added a long sleeved white onesie under the Beckett pads and a jumper to keep him warm. To complete his football outfit, I paired his jersey and pads with a pair of cheap white cotton pants that I rolled up to his knees, and Broncos-colored, striped socks that we already own.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

Simple DIY foam soccer pads gave Beckett’s outfit a more authentic soccer feel. He looked SO stinkin cute running around outside in his jersey, pads and eye black!

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Once the big brother’s soccer player costume was completed, it was time to get the little brother in on the action. Since Cooper was only 5 months old last Halloween, we decided he was the perfect size to be the football!

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

I found a lot of football units online, but most of them were very expensive, so I decided to just make my own.

I bought a solid brown, long sleeved jumpsuit and cut the football shape out of white iron on transfer paper. The key here is to make sure your transfer paper is designed for use on dark colored fabrics – like this Avery Dark T-Shirt Transfer Paper!

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

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I traced the shape of the laces with white markers above and below a football on the back of the transfer paper. If you’d like to make your own soccer ball, download my soccer ball template that you can cut out and trace directly onto your iron on transfer paper. This pattern is sized for a size 0-3 month onesie, but if you need a larger size, you can simply adjust the scale on your computer before printing, or you can print it and enlarge it with a copier.

Do not print this image to use as a template – it is not scalable. If you want to use my template, download it here.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

Next, I cut out the football shapes from the transfer paper, and made them on the brown shirt. Each brand of transfer paper has slightly different instructions on how long to make, so make sure you follow the package instructions carefully.

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Since Halloween in Denver can be pretty chilly, we paired Cooper’s DIY football with some cute football socks and an adorable knitted football hat. I also added some brown wool pants for Trick-or-Treating after dark.

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

If your soccer player is a girl, you could instead add a cute brown tutu and a brown bow in her hair.

As I mentioned above, we are that family… so Scott and I dressed up with the boys. I bought cheap referee shirts which we paired with black pants we already own. If you’re a parent of young kids, you know that we’re basically referees in real life, so these outfits weren’t too tight!

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

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And now it’s time for more DIY Halloween costume inspiration! A whopping 88 plus DIY costume ideas, to be exact!

Join the BLOGHOP by clicking the link below each collage for detailed instructions on how to make the outfit pictured, just like mine above. And don’t forget to follow the Handamde Halloween Costumes Pinterest Board for even more great costume ideas!

Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

Which handmade costume idea did you like best?! Be sure to click through for costume instructions, pin costumes, and let the bloggers know you love them!

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Baby Hunter Halloween Costume

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