Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans – Living room 7 x 13 m with 3 bedrooms. In the house: – small garden for parking 2 cars – living room, – dining room, – kitchen, -3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, -1 bathroom, shop under the stairs.

First, on the ground floor, 2 cars parked on the left side of the building, 5.2 x 5 meters. The size of the house is 1.3 × 3 meters. When we walk through the door, the 3×4 meter space is perfect for today’s home. The family room is 4 x 4 meters, the dining room is 4 x 2.3 meters, the bright kitchen is 4 x 3 meters, it is clean and beautiful. Leave 2.3 x 1.5 meters under the stairs. The bathroom is 2.4 x 1 m. The laundry room is 1.5 x 1 m.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Finally, on the first floor: Master bedroom size 4 x 4 meters, bathroom 1.9 x 3 meters, there is also a large sliding glass door to a small balcony, king size, makeup table and closet 2.1. × 3 m. Bedroom 2 size 4 x 3 meters with balcony 1 x 4 meters bathroom 1.5 x 2.7 meters Bedroom 3 size 4 x 3.3 meters bathroom 2.4 x 2.4 meters.

Contemporary Style House Plan

Similarly, for the border color of the roof we chose a combination of black and light colors as well as large glass doors and windows to give the house a beautiful and modern look.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Finally, the hip roof type is made of cement roofing tiles covered over gypsum board. It makes the house look simple and modern.

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Craftsman House Plan With 4 Beds, A Fireplace & An Open Kitchen

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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X33 Simple House Design 7×10 Meter 3 Bedrooms Pdf Full Plans

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Cottage home plan has 1,260 sq.ft. America’s Best Home Plans offers quality plans from professional architects and builders at the best prices. Our extensive collection of home plans are suitable for all lifestyles and are easy to navigate as you begin the process of building your dream home. Our home design templates are easy to read, versatile and affordable, with customization options if you need to change your plans to fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. Many people like the variety of 3 bedroom house plans. There are many options for configuration, so you can make your location as you want. At Family House Plans, we offer 3 bedroom house plans for you.

Bedroom House Designs

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Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Our three bedroom home is a great choice for any home owner. With a variety of options and functions, you will find the floor plan of your dreams. Here are some things to consider when you start looking for your 3 bedroom home:

There are many types when it comes to 3 bedroom houses. Some of the differences include:

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Farmhouse Style House Plan

Browse our home planning listings to find a 3 bedroom home plan that will work for you today! Home Design may serve to purchase products through links on our site. See our disclosure policy.

A three bedroom house can be the perfect size for many activities. Three bedrooms can provide separate rooms for children, create a cozy space for roommates, or provide access to offices and guest rooms for small houses and couples. The renderings here show a variety of rooms, with three bedrooms that can be used very well with excellent furniture and unique layouts.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

This colorful house will be the best choice for music lovers, with two bedrooms and a spacious living area, complete with music storage and stereo, opening to a cozy veranda. A small kitchen and office complete the cozy home.

Custom Home Floor Plans

This three bedroom house fully embraces the natural aesthetic. Instead of using neutral browns and grays, it has four separate cartridges.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

A spacious design perfect for roommates, this three bedroom home has a private bathroom for each bedroom and a separate bathroom off the front. Outdoor seating areas complete this modern, luxurious setting.

Another three-bedroom layout by Astin Studio transforms the master bedroom into a luxury suite with white marble floors, a walk-in closet, and a walk-in closet.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Bedroom Birchlane Single Story Cottage Craftsman House (floor Plan)

Working with a smaller footprint than other designs in this design, this three-bedroom apartment still has a comfortable, modern feel to it. The Jack and Jill bathroom makes a great choice for the discerning sibling, with its own shower and walk-in closet. Eat breakfast in the kitchen and have a dining room.

Another three bedroom house would be ideal for a small family living in the city. Two small bedrooms will work well for siblings. The living space is great, today it is big enough for a family gathering, and the windows on both sides make it feel bigger.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

This small, three-bedroom suite leaves room for a large family, with one bedroom that accommodates siblings. An outdoor dining area with deck chairs is perfect for warmer weather and has access from the master bedroom.

Bedroom House Floor Plans Amusing 3 Bedroom House

Again, the open space is important to the design of our bedroom. Walk-out decks on both sides of the house provide plenty of comfort, while the bedroom has been carefully laid out for work and storage.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

This beach design uses white and sea foam green water to take you to Cape Cod or other seaside towns. its bedrooms are not large, but there is a central area and a patio that leaves room for relaxation.

Proving that our bedroom doesn’t need square footage to be comfortable is this floor plan. The master bedroom with bath and two smaller rooms for children and guests are perfect for living.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

Many homeowners tend to overlook the luxury of household items, so this design allows the use of white clothes in each of our bedrooms, both stylish and practical.

The simplicity of the furniture choices in this three-bedroom apartment makes it feel very spacious, while still including all the essentials, including three bathrooms, an office, a dining area, and a spacious kitchen. and even the balcony.

Basic 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Bedroom House Plan Examples

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