Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

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Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas – OK! This is the third and final part of the wedding and it’s all about the delicious details of the food. If you missed the first two, you can find it here and here .

The party started at 11:00, so we decided to serve dinner to everyone. We put a lot of thought into what should be on the menu and whittled it down to items that we could cook and assemble a few hours in advance. Then we had to warm everything up and get it out before the guests arrived. The only thing that didn’t meet that criteria for us were the cookies. They certainly require a bit of work and are best eaten fresh. But since our friends were from the South and Biscuits and I had a long joke and celebration, we felt we couldn’t leave them. It was just another reason to make sure everyone else could, because we knew we had our work cut out for us.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

In the end we decided on mains of mini chicken and pancakes with maple pecan butter and mini BLTs. Our sides were filled with bacon, crackers with a variety of toppings, roasted asparagus, and a watermelon mint salad. Then for a sweet treat (I know it’s breakfast, but I crave something sweet whenever I eat those savory treats. Anytime!) We picked up a few different donuts and pancakes from a French bakery. I wanted to make sure everything was easy to eat, so we did it all in small versions. So you can eat more or less of all of them. At a party, I hate eating and drinking things that really require two hands to eat and drink. I stopped enjoying the conversation and started planning how to do it without spilling. Plus, if everything is small, you can get more! One of my favorite ways to eat small portions of everything is to savor them. I even cut the pastry into quarters. It always feels a little weird when I do it, but it’s so important. A whole bagel or croissant can be a full meal (or most of it anyway), so I don’t eat them, but I like to eat a few.

Best Bridal Shower Food Ideas

As for the drinks, I’ve divided them into two separate areas. Water was self-serve at the bar, so people could get it whenever they wanted and I didn’t have to worry about everyone getting enough. Check out this amazingly beautiful pitcher! I like it very much. Unfortunately, it was the first time I used it and the metal leaked almost everywhere, like there was a hole. When we got it back, the seller said it wasn’t the first person to return it for the same reason, so we decided not to get another one. I didn’t notice it until after I got the pictures, and now when I see them, I’m happy and sad at the same time. haha.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

For alcohol, I kept it simple and only had orange juice and champagne for the mismosa. If someone doesn’t drink and just wants OJ, I leave them alone. I got some more beer. I just made sure to keep everything very light. I can see from the photo that some IPAs have gotten in there. What can you do? People love them.

It was a great day and I was happy to be able to do little things for friends that meant a lot to us. Now tell me, what are your favorite party foods? After moving to Louisiana, it only makes sense to have a Southern style wedding! The wedding will be in Boise, Idaho (where I’ve lived for the past eight years), but I grew up in Colfax, Washington (you didn’t know you took geography class today, did you). Traditionally, weddings don’t happen until 6 months before the wedding, but I knew I wasn’t “going home” to live across the country until the wedding. I wanted to include those friends and community members who helped me grow, so when I went to Thanksgiving, we washed.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

Bridal Shower Brunch Menu

My sister made the shower invitations and everyone was so impressed. Aren’t they amazing?! We had a Pampered Chef party so I wouldn’t have to come back with a bunch of presents and it went really well. My kitchen is almost completely full!

Now if anything is going to be southern style, it has to be food. And if there was food, it would be my father who made it! Try different cookie recipes to get the perfect cookie cutter. We all had delicious sage and sausage biscuits, strawberry jam and homemade toasted peach gravy and butterscotch biscuits.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

A good! Even their high school friends, who had not seen them for many years, were very excited when they sat at the table. And don’t forget the pecan pie!

Lovely Bridal Shower Recipes

Invitations asked everyone to bring a recipe to share or in lieu of a card. It might be more fun for me! That night I opened them all and it was great to learn about people’s favorite recipes and finally get the recipes that the older ladies at church have been ordering for so long. There were even prescriptions in the mail from relatives who couldn’t shower. I got the recipe from my husband’s grandmother (she says it’s delicious) and an aunt sent me the recipe for my grandmother’s sugar cake. I thought it was so cute and a great way to pass down traditions. The recipe box I opened was my grandmother’s, which makes it all the more special.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

I haven’t been able to spend much time at home these past few years, but I’m so grateful to all my friends and family out there for their constant support and to my family for giving me such a wonderful bath! Not only are these snacks delicious, most of them are easy to make. Whether you go the catered route or choose to cook, your guests will love these options.

You can serve a full breakfast, lunch or dinner at your wedding, but you don’t have to (and you should consider the restaurant location if you want to). Alternatively, you can create as many hosts as possible and offer a variety of appetizers, desserts and drinks for your guests to enjoy as they celebrate the bride. Finger foods are a staple of these activities because they are easy to mix and eat while participating in other activities such as games. It’s cheaper than a formal meal and usually easier to make yourself.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

How To Throw A Brunch Bridal Shower

There are many small, simple and creative options for a wedding. You can settle for comfort food, high tea-worthy dining, cultural flair in your kitchen, or whatever you (and the bride) want. For a truly unique experience

Offer a variety of refreshments (this will make your party more appealing to different tastes, diets and allergies).

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

Consider the circumstances when planning your event selection. what is the topic What time of day do you shower? Where do you get it? The ideas below cover all the bases, whether it’s a casual morning affair, a fun afternoon party, or an elegant evening party. If you’re hosting everyone, there are appetizers you can make yourself. If you’re going somewhere else, there are bites that are easy to transfer. For those who hire a caterer, you can share their favorite things with them. You can also choose the foods you want and then have the bridesmaids or other guests volunteer to bring them.

Things You Need To Throw The Quintessential Southern Bridal Showerdraper James Blog

Enhance your breakfast with fruit, nuts, syrup, whipped cream or anything else your heart desires. A late shower with a bar seemed like a genius idea to us.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

Small and very cute, adding macarons to your wedding menu is sure to impress guests. A strong baker can easily make it herself – this delicious dessert was made by the mother of the bride.

Creatively served arancini with crispy fennel and chives is a unique choice for any wedding. Visitors love picking delicious rice balls from a single branch.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

Monograms And Mimosas: Hosting A Themed Bridal Shower Brunch

Deviled eggs are a party (and bath) classic. Spice it up with interesting spices like sumac and Aleppo pepper.

Stir-fried shrimp with mint oil in an orange sauce provides just the right amount of fresh summer ingredients and is perfect for a warm-weather bath.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

The chefs at Beach Plum Farm made this root vegetable medley as a side dish. A light fare like this is perfect for a daytime shower.

Floral Themed Bridal Shower Brunch

Who doesn’t love a donut wall? A sweet dessert that doubles as a photo shoot, giving guests a treat to eat themselves.

Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t difficult

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