Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

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Sarah Zlotnik is a journalist with 10 years of experience and has been writing in the wedding space for seven years. Her work has been published in Philadelphia Wedding Magazine, Washingtonian Weddings, Bethesda Magazine and The Huffington Post.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Traditionally a ladies-only event where family and close friends present the bride-to-be with gifts for her new matrimonial home, the modern bridal shower is a bit more relevant. There’s no need to limit your guest list to one article, choose a theme that matches your wedding, or even have the bride as the guest of honor. However, there is one tradition that should be followed: that guests are full and satisfied with a delicious holiday menu.

Baby Shower Edition Part Ii…the Food |

“The wedding night is a time to indulge in everything the bride loves,” says Alexandria Hammond of Get Plated Catering and Events. “It’s going to be less crowded and it’s going to be more casual, so it’s going to have all your favorite things.”

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Along with her husband and CEO Keyon Hammond, Alexandria owns and operates a restaurant company in Washington, DC. Get coverage. A classically trained French chef, Keyon’s culinary experience includes Platinum Country Clubs and hotels around the world.

Besides serving what you love, what else do you need to know about wedding food and drink? Read Hammond’s expert advice.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Food And Menu Suggestions For A Baby Shower

For a morning shower or lunch, choose a buffet or cocktail with light snacks rather than food. Planning an early evening? “Make something heavier because people are going to expect more from whole foods,” says Hammond.

Want to serve your favorite comfort food? Talk to your ISP; they’ll know how to up the ante by adding unexpected ingredients. “If you’re going to make a taco, make it the best taco bar you can,” says Hammond. “It doesn’t have to be traditional ground beef; it can be seasoned with short ribs and salsa or pickled vegetables. By making it more personalized, it will improve the taste.”

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Looking to invest in a fun wedding centerpiece? Go with a themed cart like a pike or a burrata. Get Plated also includes interactive elements such as platters (popular raw bar markets) as well as interactive service elements such as a build-your-own ice cream sandwich. “It keeps the conversation going when guests may not know each other,” says Hammond.

Non Traditional Wedding Shower Themes

If you’re going to make a paper display, Hammond recommends not using the same type of container for each item. “Be a little more eclectic,” he adds. “Use different textures and bowl sizes to give events a more visual feel.”

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

“I’m not a fan of all the sweets for a wedding or any other event,” says Hammond. “People need balance.” If you are more of a sweet tooth, prefer dishes that are both sweet and savory. Favorite Hammond right now? A dish with poured goat cheese, balsamic and strawberries.

Since a wedding reception is a celebration with family and friends, food and drinks that make you feel at home are a great way to pull together a themed menu. At the latest DC-style celebration, Get Plated served small half-smokes and servings of local beer, jumbo slice pizza and, in honor of the nearby Chesapeake, oysters. An added bonus: these dishes help out-of-town guests experience the best the area has to offer.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Host The Perfect Tea Party Bridal Shower

Alcohol is not mandatory for a wedding celebration, but it certainly won’t hurt. “If you want to keep the day light, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a signature cocktail or two with beer and wine,” says Hammond. “If you’re going to keep the night going, a full bar is also in order.” Themed drinks are also an interesting option. Do you like bourbon? Have a bite. More of a gin and tonic type? Set up a bar with different types of syrup and citrus.

You’ll also want to have non-booze options on hand. “It doesn’t have to be regular tea,” says Hammond. “Something higher, like watermelon lemonade infused with basil, provides an interesting and refreshing taste.”

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Pasture boards are always a crowd pleaser. Mix local cheeses with fresh fruit and roasted vegetables and let guests create their own dishes.

Best Bridal Shower Food Ideas

For a seaside or seaside summer evening, place oysters, clams and lobster claws on a bed of ice and let guests dig in.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Everything is better with bacon, don’t you think? Juicy shrimp and smoked bacon are the perfect combination.

Cured meat is suitable for all types of wedding celebrations from a Tuscan theme to a rustic autumn celebration. Be sure to include different options.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Bridal Shower On A Budget

There’s something comforting about a warm spinach and feta filling wrapped in layers of puff pastry—the ultimate food.

Photography by Chi-Chi Ari Photography; Planning by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events; Catering by Belle Mer

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Even if you can’t be on the water, you can instantly transport guests to summer on the coast with warm bread and butter and fresh lobster meat.

Bachelorette Party Food & Drink Ideas

Celebrate outdoors? Watermelon is a refreshing treat in hot weather and pairs well with a variety of flavor profiles. Pair the cubes with balsamic-drenched cheese for a tangy flavor.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Serve it cured with buttercream and pulled pork for a sophisticated twist on a brunch favorite, or raw and drizzled with olive oil and fresh lemon juice for something more Italian.

No garden wedding party is complete without delicious crostini. Fresh spring peas, mint and ricotta add a lovely spring twist to a classic addition.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

What You Need To Set A Gorgeous Bridal Shower Table

Crispy vegetables wrapped in rice paper will be a healthy snack that will not make guests feel sluggish during the party. Be sure to serve in small portions so participants don’t have to worry about ingredients falling between bites.

The easiest way to serve your favorite flavors together is to put them on a stick! Combine fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses and meats for a holiday snack that’s also easy to eat.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Do you want to add something more intense to the wedding celebration? Strip steak with béarnaise sauce is a crowd-pleasing protein option that also seems easy. Just make sure there are tables and chairs for your guests to eat so they can eat properly.

Bridal Shower Food Ideas And Menu Inspiration

If your wedding reception will be a sit-down dinner, start things off with a nice plate of leafy greens. Topped with seasonal vegetables, creamy sauce and toasted nuts for extra crunch.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

There’s chips and salsa, and then there’s the next level: smoked chicken quesadillas topped with fresh pico de gallo.

Lime wedges are the perfect way to display and serve small tacos that can be filled with anything from fresh seafood to braised ribs.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Pink And Green Garden Party Bridal Shower + Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Available in almost every shade, this favorite French dessert is easy to match with any color palette or theme of the wedding night. The fact that they are cut to size makes them machined in perfect pieces.

Decorate your favorite flavors with frosting and toppings to match your shower theme, then serve them as a sweet treat at the end of the party. Better yet, have your guests take them home as a favor!

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Not interested in brownies and mini cheesecakes? Pot de creme and chocolate drinks are two luxurious ways to make dessert at wedding parties.

The Bridal Shower Part Iii: Menu Ideas

It is best to serve a dessert that melts quickly in small portions. Miniature ice cream cones are a treat that guests can eat without worrying about a mess.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

A Bloody Mary bar is a simple option for a wedding brunch. Let guests personalize their gourmet side dishes like pickled okra, heart of palm, smoked mussels and kimchi, or go classic with celery, bacon and an assortment of stuffed olives.

Nothing says “celebration” like a glass of bubbly! Sparkling wine or champagne will not taste too good for an evening party, but will still help invite guests into a festive mood.

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

Vintage Bridal Shower Menu (& Free Printables)

These frozen treats are a dessert treat and would feel right at home in any pink-toned shower.

It’s important to have non-drinking options on hand at any type of gathering, and you don’t want them to seem like an afterthought. Place iced tea, lemonade, or fruit water in a pretty glass or acrylic dispenser so guests can help themselves when they’re thirsty. She had another shower last Saturday with all the ladies in our area and today was for all her friends, so an Old Lady Shower and a Young Lady Shower! The best part of a friend’s shower was that I got to cook all the food! So this will be the first of several posts featuring all the food from the shower. The photo above shows the entire lunch. I’ll show you what I did here in this post and then I’ll post

Bridal Shower Foods Cheap

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