Bridal Shower Invitation Language

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Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

If you’ve been tasked with planning a bridal shower, taking invitations might not sound like exciting work – but trust us when we say it can actually be a lot of fun! This pre-wedding event is meant to be uplifting and festive, so take the opportunity to be playful with your wedding invitation wording, especially if the party has a specific theme. We’re sharing some of our favorite examples of cute and clever bridal party invitation wordings, whether you’re celebrating the guest of honor at a unique themed party or a chic bridal brunch.

Bridal Shower Invitations

Of course, there’s more to sending out shower invitations than just playing up the theme. We also share proper shower invitation etiquette to include gift information, wedding website information, dress code, and more. Keep reading for all the bridal shower invitation wording examples you might need.

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Once you’ve finalized the shower details, it’s time to prepare the party favors. Be sure to include the date, time, location, and full address of the shower, as well as the host’s name and email address and/or RSVP phone number. Once you’ve covered these important points, you can use puns or playful phrases to personalize your wedding invitations. Check out creative and unique examples of some of the most popular themes below.

Who doesn’t love a good pun? This fun bridal shower invitation wording says “she found her main squeeze” with beautiful illustrated lemons. Other fun examples are “you want to miss this” (with a picture of a donut, of course) or a “bee bride” bee invitation (or if it’s a couple’s shower: “go bee”). Not a fan of word games? These simple sentences are also great wording ideas:

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Floral Baby Shower Invitation For Girl Niña Editable Corjl

Let’s prepare [guest of honor] for happily ever after / With presents, booze and lots of laughter.

Having a formal afternoon tea party is one of the most popular wedding themes. Whether you’re looking for bridal shower examples or bridal shower invitations, “love is getting ready” is a sweet themed phrase that isn’t bride-specific (we’re also big fans of “let’s couple-

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Before the bride throws the bouquet / Let’s enjoy a cup of tea on this very special day.

Wishing Well For Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Wishing Well

Use this sample “boots and bubbly” bridal shower invitation as inspiration for a rustic affair. We also love these cheeky examples if you’re writing bridal shower invitations for a country-themed event:

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Lace up the boots and put on the bling / Let’s take an unforgettable shower before the ring!

She finally roped mr. Alright / Time to shower her with presents and have a wild night!

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Best Coed Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Looking for examples of wine themed wedding invitations? Stationery that reads “Toast to Love” or “Vino to Vows” is both short and sweet. If you have something a little longer in mind, consider these clever poems for your bridal shower:

The best bridal shower invitation wording for a Disney themed party has an element of whimsy – we love “bibbidi bobbidi bridal shower”. Or check out this cute bridal shower invitation wording inspired by

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Once upon a time there was a wedding feast / to celebrate [guest of honor] happily ever after.

Bridal Shower Vector Art Stock Images

A little word of mouth goes a long way. This chic bridal shower brunch invitation reads: “brunch and bubbly.” Here are some other sample wordings we love for brunch-themed bridal shower invitations:

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Planning a beach-inspired party? “Tropical How Hot” shower invitations will instantly put guests in vacation mode, lakeside or not. This phrase will also work if you’re looking for fun wedding invitation wording that honors a destination wedding. Some other options for beach or nautical themed bridal shower invitations include:

The last sail before the sail! / Please join us for a wedding pageant in honor of [guest of honor].

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Bride

It’s important to be clear when wording virtual wedding invitations so guests don’t get confused about where the party is. Be sure to let people know if this is a real online event, a drive-in celebration, or just a post shower. If the event is taking place virtually, prepare the Zoom link to put the invitations before sending them. It’s also a good idea to include the guest of honor’s address if attendees want to send a gift. Try these creative ideas for virtual bridal shower lyrics:

There are actually several ways to collect RSVPs for your bridal shower. The first way is to ask everyone for a response, whether they can attend or not. This method is great for ensuring everyone on the guest list is invited and for confirming final numbers. Alternatively, you can reduce the number of calls, texts or emails that flood your inbox by asking for “regrets only” instead. So only those who don’t get in touch have it.

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Usually, the person organizing the shower will provide their phone number or email address in the RSVP. It is not necessary to include formal reply cards. RSVP information is usually listed below the event location and above the registration information. Not sure where to start with wording? Try one of these bridal shower invitation templates:

Wedding Invitation Card Template Yellow Rose Floral Printable Gold Bridal Shower Invitation Suite Stock Vector Image By ©samka Ua #148951225

If you are wondering how to ask money for bridal shower invitations, let us stop you there. Asking for monetary gifts is generally not considered good bridal shower etiquette. Although it is no longer considered taboo for couples to ask for silver wedding gifts from their loved ones, it is still very important to be polite and do it the right way. If the happy couple has a fund on their wedding registry, it’s best to provide the couple’s registry information as usual and let guests choose whether or not to contribute to the fund or choose something else as a shower gift. .

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

The wording of the bridal shower invitation for a gift card request is pretty much the same. If possible, rely on the couple’s wedding list. If the couple doesn’t have a registry or if their registry doesn’t allow cash or gift cards, word of mouth is the best way to let loved ones know. Let the bridal party or close friends and family know that cash gifts or gift cards are important to the couple. That way, if other guests look to them for gifting inspiration, they can pass on the hint.

Registration information is usually included at the bottom of the invitation. Here are some simple registration invitation templates you can follow:

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Boho Blush Floral Baby Shower Invitations With Envelopes

There are a few other optional details you may want to include in your bridal shower invitations. Adding a link to the couple’s wedding website is a great joke for frequently asked questions that you may not be able to answer personally. It’s also an easy way to direct visitors to your quick marriage registration information. This simple bridal shower invitation wording is a great way to include your wedding website:

Bridal shower attire is another optional accessory you might want to include in your invitation (especially if it’s a formal affair). If you think adding a dress code might make invitations a little cluttered, the style and formality of the stationery you choose is another subtle way to let your guests know what to expect. But if you want to write down the dress code for all to see, there are several ways to phrase this information.

Bridal Shower Invitation Language

Finally, if you’re trying to let visitors know it’s a special occasion, like bridal showers coming and going, it’s best to be as clear as possible. Choose wording that clearly conveys the message, for example:

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Bridal Shower Invitation Language

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Bridal Shower Invitation Language

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Bridal Shower Invitation Language

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