Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

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Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording – Virtual holiday party invitations are holiday-themed invitations delivered through online platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams. These invitations let your team know when and where the holiday party is taking place. Because virtual invitations are created and circulated online, these invitations are more environmentally friendly than traditional paper invitations.

These invitations are usually for a virtual Christmas party or a more specific event like a virtual secret Santa or a virtual white elephant. The invitations can be made to match company holiday themes.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Interested in some visual inspiration for your holiday cards? Here are some examples of virtual holiday invitations that suit different moods and aesthetics.

Free Christmas Party Invitations That You Can Print

Adhering to the traditional red and green color scheme, this virtual holiday party invitation grabs the viewer’s attention with a big “You’re invited!” Text.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Borrowing images of gathering around the fire to create a cozy atmosphere, this virtual holiday party invitation asks your team to gather on Zoom for holiday festivities.

Taking a more minimalist approach, this virtual holiday party invitation uses a gold and red color scheme and a clean sans serif font to convey an elegant ambiance.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Halloween Party Invitation Wording Examples

Tickling the funny bone with some cat puns, this virtual holiday party invitation takes a more humorous approach, with the cat image further cementing the theme of the invitation.

All virtual holiday invitation examples are created on Canva. Head over to Canva’s holiday card templates and create your own today.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

If you want to reduce your environmental footprint, consider sending virtual holiday invitations instead of paper cards. With modern technology, you can now design, create and send beautiful invitations online.

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First, gather all the details and logistics for your online date. Choose a time, date and virtual meeting space for your party and have this information handy, as these specifics are most important to any potential party and should be included on your holiday cards.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Once you know when and where the party will be held, choose an online invitation website. While each site can help you put together a beautiful virtual invitation, each has its own unique designs and a selection of free templates that you can easily customize to fit your organization.

In general, invitation websites try to make your work simple, with intuitive design tools and do not require much skill or graphic design knowledge to work. Play around with what’s available and you’ll be amazed at the mind-blowing creations you can make.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Christmas Staff Invitation Wording

Although the traditional Christmas colors are red and green, and the winter holidays are associated with blue and white, do not feel restricted by the conventions. Consider incorporating your company’s logo colors into your holiday invitations to personalize them for your team. You can also choose pictures that remind office pranks – just keep the colorful and bright to get people in the festive mood!

To attract your team, your invitations should contain more than the most relevant information for them. Instead, include some holiday wishes and fun butterflies, all written in an eccentric font. But what should you write?

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

What you write depends entirely on your company culture. If your workplace is generally very serious and focused, a more standard, elegant approach to messaging and font may be best. However, if your office is bigger and your team is constantly sending funny pictures of cats through Slack, you might want to use a more creative, humorous approach. Eat Drink And Be Merry Holiday Party Invitation, Funny Christmas Party Invitation With Feet, Set Of 10 With Envelopes, Additional Quantities Available

You may also choose to include some information about what activities to expect at the holiday party, such as remote team building activities or icebreaker questions, so your co-workers can prepare gifts or other necessary supplies in advance.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

While many online invitation sites allow you to send invitations directly from the website, be sure to save your design so you don’t accidentally lose it. If you are a more cautious person than me, save the card on this site and on your computer, just in case.

Which format you choose to save your online invitations may depend on how you plan to send them. JPG is a great format if you plan to insert your invitation in an email, as it has the smallest file size. PDF is another good option if you want your card to take up the entire screen and your invitation takes up more than one page.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Christmas Invitation Favorite Things Dirty Santa Gift Exchange

Before you create your invitations, you should have a company mailing list ready. Once you’ve perfected your design, the only step is to send out your invitations.

Want to know what makes a virtual holiday party invitation stand out from the rest? Here are some tips for designing the best invitations possible to get your team excited about the holidays.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

If you’ve taken a graphic design course, you know that simply filling the space with as many images as possible is not the best way to go. Good design also understands the value of white space.

Customize Christmas Party Invitation Card (free)

So when envisioning your initial designs, think about the most important images you need to convey and choose about three main colors to focus on for your lettering and images. Staying within these constraints should keep your designs crisp and aesthetically pleasing.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Pro Tip: If you need help choosing colors, Canva has a great article that explains color theory and features a color wheel to calculate the most aesthetically pleasing color combinations.

To immediately grab your team’s attention, use bold colors and images. People are visual creatures, so although pastels are very beautiful, it may be better to convey excitement with brighter colors and visually stunning images.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Hawaiian Christmas Party Invitation Exotic Tropical Stock Vector (royalty Free) 1531186124

You can go with traditional Christmas or winter colors or add a bit of your team’s personality using your company colors. Also, don’t be afraid to use a large or central image to draw your viewer in.

It should not be healthy that the largest font will be the first thing that the viewer reads. So make good use of what you choose to highlight with a large font. Use this font to emphasize that the purpose of the invitation is for a holiday party. So, the viewer immediately knows what the invitation is for.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Even if your invitation consists primarily of visuals, include the most important information on the card: the time, date, and video conferencing service you’ll be using for the party. These specifics help your team assess whether they can throw a party and answer basic questions so your co-workers don’t have to contact you for additional details.

Christmas Open House Invitations

Not all holiday invitations need to be created from the same mold. Instead, feel free to inject some creativity into your invitations based on your company’s culture. Some organizations have a more relaxed atmosphere than others. If this is the case for your company, you may want to consider it when deciding what to use for your virtual holiday invitations.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

The holidays are about having fun and being together with your co-workers, friends and family. Set the tone with beautiful virtual holiday invitations so your team is ready to celebrate with a little holiday spirit.

Then, check out our list of holiday messages for employees and our list of ideas for virtual team celebrations.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Holiday Open House Invitation

Still curious about how to create and send online invitations for your party? Here are some frequently asked questions about virtual holiday invitations.

With the help of online invitation websites and these six steps, you can put together an amazing virtual holiday party invitation in no time.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

While you shouldn’t overwhelm your audience by filling your invitations with a bunch of text, the details mentioned above are the minimum you should release to let your guests know what to expect for the online festivities.

Christmas Potluck Quotes. Quotesgram

If you feel the specifics are too much to include on your invitation, feel free to include more details in follow-up emails at different times.

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Some sites where you can create your own invitations for free are Canva, Evite, and Sendo. Some sites have limits on what designs and how many invitations you can send for free. However, on all these sites, you will find many beautiful free options that you will surely fall in love with. So definitely take a look!

Team Building Content Expert. Jessica has a double major in English and Asian Studies and experience working with cross-cultural teams; Including 3+ years in Taiwan. When the holiday season approaches, party planning kicks into full gear. One of the things we don’t do often enough when planning a party is send out formal invitations! Not only can they help you get more RSVPs, but it’s a great way to convey important information about the event!

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Christmas Party Themes & Clever Invitation Wording

Christmas party invitation wording is an important element of Christmas party planning because it can mean the difference between a yes or no answer. Why? Because a Christmas party can sound awesome or lame, and people often get invited

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