East Texas National Parks

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East Texas National Parks – Tyler State Park has 64 acres of pristine lakes, 100-foot trees and historic structures. Play in the lake, cast a hook, walk in the woods, or just relax with binoculars. You’ll love this peaceful Northeast Texas getaway!

At Tyler State Park, you can boat, fish, swim in the lake, hike, mountain bike, hike, geocache, camp, bird watch, and study nature. Whether you visit on an afternoon or a weekend, you’ll find plenty to do here.

East Texas National Parks

Explore the pine forest on more than 13 miles of trails. Don’t miss the Whispering Pines Nature Trail, laid out by the Civilian Conservation Corps more than 70 years ago. Take a virtual tour with our trail map.

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Fish the lake for crappie, perch, catfish or bass. The park has three fishing stations and a boat station. We also loan out fishing rods, reels and tackle boxes as part of our Tackle Loaner Program. Remember, you do not need a fishing license to fish from the park’s shoreline!

You can rent a boat here or bring your own. We do allow motorcycles, but there is a 5 mph speed limit.

Volunteer at Tyler State Park! Visit the volunteer page (and keyword search on “Tyler”) to find out how you can help.

Kountze Texas Usa: Big Thicket National Preserve In East Texas Area Along Turkey Creek. This Combination Of Virgin Pine And Cypress Forest, Hardwood Forest, Meadow And Blackwater Swamp Is Managed By The

Our Texas State Park Store rents canoes, canoes, kayaks, stand up paddleboards and johnboats. You can rent a boat all year round:

We also sell nature-themed gifts, toys and books; souvenirs; snacks; and fishing and camping equipment. For more information, call the store at (903) 592-6790.

Take a ranger hike through the pine forest, learn to cook in a dutch oven or build a campfire, and more! Contact the park to arrange a private tour.

Texas State Parks With Bucket List Hikes

Civilian Conservation Corps:  CCC created Tyler State Park and lake. Learn about CCC’s work on our history page.

See Tyler, known as the “Rose Capital of America.” You’ll find science museums, farms, the Texas State Railroad, zip lines, and more. If kids are in your group, be sure to check out the Discovery Science Place. Time your visit to attend the Azalea Trail (March) or the Rose Festival (October).

Visit the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, the East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore, or the Salt Palace Museum in Grand Saline. Shop on the first Monday of business in Canton.

Tyler State Park, East Texas

We often reach capacity, and we highly recommend reservations for camping and day use. To ensure access, reserve online or call the Customer Service Center before you travel.

Average January low: 32 degrees. Average July high: 97 degrees. First frost: end of November. Last sowing: early April. Difficulty: Medium. It’s quite a long trip, and you’ll need to arrange transportation before heading out.

Few places in Texas offer high-altitude hikes: more than two thousand miles long, a multi-day, long-distance adventure along trails like the Appalachian or Pacific Crest. finished. The dominance of private property by the government in our country makes these opportunities almost non-existent. But in East Texas, the 128-mile Lone Star Hiking Trail, the state’s longest hiking trail, offers at least a sample of what hiking can feel like. Many hikers come with the intention of knocking out the entire length in a week, but I decided to do a more modest trip: 23 miles over three days.

Of The Best State Parks In East Texas

Trailheads line the entire trail, which runs through the Sam Houston National Forest, so hikers can hop in and out at will, a method called flip-flopping. I focused on three beautiful areas—Big Creek, Tarkington, and Winters Bayou—that lead to the end of the east side, north of Cleveland. I organized a ride from my car, which you should do on such a hike, and it dropped me on the Iron Ore Trail, where long grass soon gave way to the shadows of the pine forest. I hurriedly left the traffic noise from the farm market road at the edge of the forest as I carried my things.

If you forget your bug repellant, mix water with dirt to create a natural paste that will help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Unlike the open skies and endless horizons of West Texas, the beauty here is right in front of you. In many places on the scenic route, the trees almost swallow the road. I walked through Winter’s Bayou on my last morning in the woods, a swamp forest that allows for quiet walks through sweet-scented honeysuckle, loblolly pine, and a succession of southern magnolias. . When I crossed the last bridge to the exit, I happily went to my car. But on the way home I was already mapping out my next trip on the Lone Star Trail.

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Difficulty: Medium. Hiking across Turkey Creek takes a long day, but cutting the trip short on Gore Store Road can save time.

As I spent the night alone in the Big Thicket National Preserve, I suddenly remembered that this area is considered by many to be the epicenter of the state for Bigfoot. Reported sightings have been common in these areas since the 50s, and today there is no shortage of blogs and podcasts dedicated to the latest Saskatchewan news. I’m not a believer, but then, in those distant forests where hundred-foot tall pine trees darken the lowlands, it seems plausible, at least, that some corner could harbor a seven-foot tall apelic creature.

The federal preserve was originally established in 1974 to protect the area’s biodiversity, but it has also become a nature park, with more than forty miles of trails in and around it. the Lower Neches River. (A few months after my visit, some areas were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. We recommend calling park headquarters before planning a trip.)

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During my walk along the flowing Turkey Creek, I turned onto the Pitcher Plant Trail, a mile-long loop that marked each of the four carnivorous plants that grow in the Big Thicket (in the US. not the cobra lily is seen). At the south end of Turkey Creek, on my second day, I crossed a tea-colored bay and admired the bald cypress trees poking out of the mud. I also encountered a few hominids enjoying the forest air, but none left footprints bigger than mine.

There’s a lot to see on this loop around swampy Elm Lake — alligators, bald cypress covered in Spanish moss, and lots of shorebirds.

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Parks are a popular way to spend much-needed time outside for physical and mental health any time of the year, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. There are more than 80 national parks in the Lone Star State, and eleven of them are in East Texas – and even though there are many, there is still plenty of room for getting away from the crowd. you live! When searching for the best places to camp in East Texas, think of the Texas pine region for its towering pine trees, stunning views of nature, and camping and fishing.

A small entrance fee is charged to enter all Texas state parks, but if you want to visit the parks, it may be worth investing in a Texas State Parks Pass. And a fishing license is not required to fish from shore or piers in Texas state parks.

For boat fishing. Also note that you can make reservations at most campsites ahead of time, which can be great for securing that perfect spot – or if you’re planning to camp on a busy weekend. !

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Tyler is home to one of the most beautiful state parks in Texas. North of town, Tyler State Park offers hilly and mountainous terrain for mountain bikers, and flat terrain for birdwatchers to hike and explore the park. Catch a fish or two along the 64-acre lake, or rent a boat. The park offers a variety of accommodations. And if you’re the only one swimming where you live, there are plenty!

Hike through the pine trees towering above you or swim in the clear, clean waters of Dangerfield State Park…or do both! In the upper east corner of Texas between Jefferson and Texarkana is a beautiful camping area. If you visit in the spring, you will enjoy spring flowers and trees of all colors. In the fall, look for oaks and maples in a variety of warm colors. And yes, you will want to indulge in that water as much as possible in the summer!

Go down the bayou at this park! Caddo Lake State Park offers canoeists, anglers and boaters the perfect spot to explore the maze of bays and bald cypress trees. I recently took a boat trip on Caddo Lake (which I highly recommend) and was amazed by all the cypress trees. The park is located near Jefferson and Marshall, Texas. If you’re worried about camping among the bugs, don’t be – Caddo Lake State Park offers historic cabins and cabins.

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