How To Make A Field Goal Post

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How To Make A Field Goal Post – This DIY soccer goal post decoration is super easy to make and perfect for any soccer party table! Make this PVC field goal in minutes and keep it for years!

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How To Make A Field Goal Post

How To Make A Field Goal Post

I have organized many football parties in the last seven years. From soccer party printables to soda can field goals and even a handmade soccer field, one thing they all have in common is my handmade soccer party decorations. And soccer party games, obviously.

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Of all the soccer party decorations, this PVC goal I made for this game day party might be my favorite. It’s so easy to make and the perfect centerpiece—well, maybe the end piece—for any football party table.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

They are so simple to make with just a few things you can pick up at your local hardware store. The instructions below make two field goal posts of the same size to place at either end of your table.

The beauty of this project is that you really only need PVC pieces and paint for this project. This is specifically what you’ll need to make field goals! Ask your local hardware store to cut the PVC pipe for you or get a set of PVC pipe cutters to cut at home!

How To Make A Field Goal Post

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I’ve included step-by-step instructions as well as pictures below each step to make it as easy as possible. Want to print the tutorial – use the instruction card at the bottom of this post.

I have included a picture with instructions below to show how to form a goal post shape with the parts from the supply list. You will only use two of the T-connectors in this step, not all four.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

Start by spray painting the goal post pieces yellow. Once spray painted, stand up and let dry.

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When all the paint is dry, add the black shirts to the bottom of the goal posts to make it easier to stop.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

The goalposts should sit well on a flat surface with only the tees. If you are placing them on a not-so-flat surface, you can add a coaster or other flat surface to help level the poles to stop.

Here is a photo of the field goal posts in action. Aren’t they the perfect addition to this fun soccer party?

How To Make A Field Goal Post

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If using them on a non-flat surface, add a coaster or other flat item underneath for stabilization.

Did you do this Tag @ on Facebook and Instagram and # so I can see your creations! Host your paper football game this season! Have you ever made a paper soccer ball? It’s actually quite easy. I know you usually use your hands to make goal posts, but I thought I’d make a simple LEGO goal post for our paper soccer games. Simple and fun homemade game for kids and adults. Great rainy day activity to play indoors. Try all of our Big Game Day LEGO challenge ideas below for a day full of fun and celebration!

How To Make A Field Goal Post

I’ve seen people play paper football, but I didn’t know all the details. Great fun! Also, it is a simple game to play anytime. A homemade paper football game is a great screen-free activity for the whole family. I discovered how to make a paper soccer ball and how to play the game!

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Below you will see how we build a fun LEGO goal post using basic bricks and then you will see the tutorial I found for making the paper football.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

Start by making LEGO goal posts. I used basic LEGO bricks, floors and a plate. Check out the detailed images to make your own. The target should be just a couple of inches off the ground.

Put your fists on the table, point your index fingers towards each other so that the tips touch. Put your thumbs in the air. This gives you the approximate height of your LEGO goal.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

Diy Football Party Decorations

I mostly used basic blocks to build the goals for our paper soccer match. I decorated it a bit with a green plate and some flat pieces to finish off the surfaces. You could even have some special grass pieces to add!

Next you need a paper soccer ball! Well, I’ve never made one, so I found a set of easy instructions that even I could follow! Head over to Instructables to make your paper football quickly and easily. Get excited and decorate if you want too!

How To Make A Field Goal Post

So admit I’m not a football fan. This also applies to paper football. However, the world of YouTube was there to help me. Watch this fun video with a father and son explaining how to play the game. As the title says, it is the best of all.

How To Make A Football Goal Out Of Pvc Pipe

I will have to say that neither my son nor I have great paper football skills, but we still have a lot of laughs. My husband is much better. My son and I enjoyed learning how to play paper football.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

There are a few ways to hold the ball, as you will see below. The video above also goes over the different ways to hold it. My son found that the bottom path was the easiest for him. Make sure to tilt it back slightly! You can also turn it upside down.

Make it a day to celebrate all things football with your LEGO collection. Your kids will love the fun challenges and will keep them busy all day!

How To Make A Field Goal Post

Soccer Ball At Goal Net On Football Field Stock Photo By ©syda_productions 146151467

The path below is my husband’s favorite way to play a paper soccer ball. It is a little more difficult for small children. We have a lot of fun with this screen-free activity. By the end, my son was also trying to carefully bounce the table balls through the goal posts. Listen, why not?

The next time you have an extended indoor day ahead of you, enjoy some screen time! Make it a party. Host a championship tiebreaker. Get it ready for the kids on Super Big Game Day Sunday! Pull out the sandwiches and let the fun begin. Watch out for the flying paper soccer balls. Making your own party decorations can be an inexpensive way to make a big statement. Yesterday I shared my game day party ideas and today I’m going to show you how I made the field goal post out of empty soda cans. These are simple and fun DIY football party decorations that can add a lot to the party.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

First up, the DIY field goal post I made from empty soda cans. This was one of the easiest projects ever, and I love how it turned out at the party yesterday. This is how you do it.

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Step 1: First, you will glue the soda cans together with hot glue. Be sure to press the cans into the hot glue so they stick well. And make sure the cans are free of any liquid so the glue sticks better. Glue the nine cans to the following stacks:

How To Make A Field Goal Post

Step 2: Next, hot glue the stacks together to form a field goal post shape with the filled can at the bottom of the upright. The full can will act as your weight to keep the upright from falling. You can use the diagram below as a reference.

Step 3: Spray the entire mount with yellow spray paint. I recommend doing this outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, using a disposable sheet or tablecloth to stop and use clothes you don’t care about. When you’re done with the yellow spray paint, spray black paint on the bottom only.

How To Make A Field Goal Post

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Step 4: Allow the paint to dry completely and embellish as desired. I used pennants from a leftover soccer banner from yesterday’s soccer party. Just be careful not to handle the upright too much or it will break. And if it does, just hot glue the cans back together! That’s the beauty of using hot glue. And you are ready!

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