How To Make A Football Goal Post

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How To Make A Football Goal Post – This DIY soccer post decoration is easy to make and perfect for any soccer table. Make this PVC field goal in minutes and save for years.

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How To Make A Football Goal Post

How To Make A Football Goal Post

I have organized many soccer parties over the past seven years. From soccer party printables to soda cans to DIY soccer stadiums, all of my DIY soccer party decorations have one thing in common. And football games of course.

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Of all the decorations for a football party, this PVC goal I made for this game day might be my favorite. It’s easy to make and is the perfect centerpiece, well, maybe the last piece, for any foosball table.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

It’s easy to make with just a few ingredients you can pick up at your grocery store. The instructions below make the two field goals equal in size to put at the end of your table.

The beauty of this project is that you only need PVC parts and paint for this project. Here is exactly what you need to make field goals! Ask your hardware store to order you a PVC pipe, or get a set of PVC pipe cutters to cut at home.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

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I’ve included step-by-step instructions and pictures below each step to make it as easy as possible. Want to print the lesson – use the instruction card at the end of this post.

I’ve included a visual with instructions below to show you how to create a goal structure with pieces from the list. You only use two T-chains in this step, not all four.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Start by spray painting the yellow parts of the bar. Once you have sprayed the paint, stand up and let it dry.

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When all the paint is dry, add black tips to the bottom of the targets to make them easier to stand.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Poles should be fine on a flat surface with only tees. If you are placing them on a non-flat surface, you can add a roller coaster or other flat surface to help balance the logs.

Here is a picture of the field goal posts in action. Aren’t they the perfect addition to this fun soccer party?

How To Make A Football Goal Post

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If you are using this on a non-flat surface, add a coaster or something soft to the floor for stability.

Did you do this Tag @ on Facebook and Instagram and tag with # so I can see your creations! To match our soccer players, Mr Z and I made simple soccer goals using pipe cleaners, thread and duck tape. You will need to angle the target to the wall and then you can use it as a target when you shoot your pom pom.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Fold the ends over each other to come together until you have a rectangle shape with 4 overlapping sides, with the same angles as shown below.

How To Make A Pvc Football Goal Post Table Decoration

Once all the sides are connected, you can add a bit of masking tape to each corner to make it even tighter.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Mr. Z liked to measure this. If there is a lot of slack in the wool, you can tighten it before adding the final duck tape.

Add duck tape to secure these layers of wool before adding the next layer to make it look good. One on the first side is complete, then simply flip the target frame over and repeat the exact step of attaching the wool to the other two sides, then secure with duck tape again.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

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Our final result was complex, but works perfectly with the pom pom launcher. You can try to target different parts of the network to solve other problems.

Hi! We are Anna and Luciana, two mums in the UK. Between us we have five children from toddlers to teenagers and lots of information to share. We love to share kids adventures as well as talk about life, fashion, health and relationships. Learn more here Hold your own paper football game this season! Have you ever made a paper ball? It’s really easy. I know you usually use your hands to make goals, but I decided to make a LEGO goal post for our paper soccer games. A simple and fun indoor game for kids and adults. The main activity of a rainy day is playing indoors. Try all of our big day LEGO challenge ideas below for a day full of fun and celebration!

How To Make A Football Goal Post

I saw people playing paper ball, but I didn’t know everything. So funny! Plus, the game is easy to put together anytime. A paper football game at home is a great free activity for the whole family. I looked up to make a paper ball and play!

Diy Football Party Decorations

Below you will see how we built a fun LEGO goal post using basic bricks and then check out the tutorial I found for making a paper ball.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Start by making LEGO goals. I used LEGO bricks, the floor and the plate. Check out the detailed images to create your own. The target should be a few inches off the ground.

Put your fists on the table, point your fingers at each other so that their tips touch. Put your fingers in the air. This gives the maximum height of your LEGO target.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

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I mostly used bricks to build goals for our paper football game. I glued a little with the green plate and some flat pieces to finish it off. You may have some valuable grass clippings to add.

Next, you need a soccer ball! Well, I’ve never done one before, so I found a simple set of instructions that I could follow! Head over to Instructables for a quick and easy way to make your own paper football. Go ahead and decorate if you like too!

How To Make A Football Goal Post

So I admit I’m not a football fan. That goes for the paper ball as well. However, the world of YouTube was there to help me. Check out this fun video with father and son explaining the game. As the title says, it’s the best ever.

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I will have to say that neither my son nor I have paper football skills, but we have a lot of fun anyway. My husband is doing better. My son and I enjoyed learning to play paper football.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

There are a few ways to store football, as you will see below. The video above also goes over different ways to handle it. My son found the way down easy for him. Make sure to back it up a bit! You can also turn it upside down.

Make it a day to celebrate all things football with your LEGO collection. Your kids will love the fun challenges and they will keep them busy all day.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

How To Make A Football Goal Craft

The method below is my husband’s favorite way to play football. It is especially difficult for young children. We really enjoyed this screenless experience. Finally, my son was also trying to successfully throw ping pong balls over the sticks. Hey, why not?!

The next time you have a day indoors, enjoy some screen-free time. Have a party. Organize a boxing match. Get ready for the kids on Super Big Game Day Sunday! Get out the snacks and let the fun begin. Watch out for the flying paper balls. Will you be throwing a football (or Super Bowl) party this year? Then you MUST have poles as part of your decor. I’m going to show you how to make soccer party favors.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Have you ever seen those football seats made of PVC pipe. They look good. I originally thought I would make a set of my own Super Bowl party decorations.

How To Make Football Goalposts For A Party

That is until I settled on the price it would cost me. I figured it would be about $30 for two foosballs.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Wow! That was more than my budget would allow. So, I came up with another way. Wooden goals!

Not only were they WAY cheaper to make (about $3 total), but they were SUPER EASY and turned out perfect.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

Field Goal Stock Illustration

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions (at no cost to you) for purchases made through these links.

When you go to your local hardware store, you will find that wooden poles come in several different diameters. I didn’t want mine to be too thick so I went with ⅜ rounds.” Feel free to get thicker if you want.

How To Make A Football Goal Post

There were also two different types of wood for the cleats. I chose pine because it was cheap and because this is not a project that requires really good wood.

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*Note: You will notice that I use a miter box to get my angles,

How To Make A Football Goal Post

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