Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

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Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas – Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes for your little darling girl. There are so many adorable costumes for little ones that it can be really hard to choose! These costumes come in sizes that are best for babies and toddlers. Here are the cutest Halloween costumes for girls we’ve found! And if you have a little boy to dress up too, don’t forget to check out 25 Super Cute Halloween Costumes!

This little red dress is absolutely adorable! Give her a small basket of muffins and do some reverse trick or treating! Let her dad or older brother be a wolf, and her mom can be a grandmother! This is a great family themed costume for this Halloween.

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Every little girl loves butterflies and flowers, right? How about a butterfly or flower girl costume? Get a bee costume for big brother or sister!

Baby This Lil Piggy Costume

A little pirate might just be the cutest thing ever! They actually steal your money…so this outfit makes perfect sense! Build a car into a pirate ship and throw siblings with other pirate outfits or even parrots

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

If you want a classic costume idea for your little girl, nothing screams Halloween like a witch. Why not be the cutest little witch in the neighborhood with this cute outfit.

Here is a complete collection of adorable Disney costumes for Disney fanatics. There are so many beautiful princesses and Disney leading ladies to choose from. It can be a princess, a fairy or even a cute mouse! Snow White costume gives you tons of theme options, grab a few friends and turn them into gnomes. My daughter was Tinkerbell when she was two and loved having fairy wings! Disney costumes are another great way to create a coordinated family costume and get the kid involved!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby’s First Halloween Costume: 20 Of The Sweetest Ideas

Some of the most precious costume ideas are animals! Here is a fun collection of adorable animal costumes for your little girl.

A lamb is a beautiful animal. I love the fluffy texture of this dress. This would make a great family costume, you could have both a shepherd and a shepherdess!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Seriously, could this peacock outfit be any more adorable? Small beak and huge feet! So stinkin’ cute!

Halloween Costumes For Babies: 22 Cute And Easy Diy Ideas

This pink elephant is probably my favorite of all the outfits. The big floppy ears and cute crooked trunk are so cute! Also, this is a great outfit when the weather is a little cooler because it covers almost all the little parts! All you need is a pink glove to keep baby warm during treatment!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

This hippo costume is simple and easy. There are not many parts for a child to mess with. Some costumes are complicated and have many parts, but this one is not.

I was never blessed with children with rolls. But if you’re lucky enough to have an older child, this outfit is perfect! Cute baby rolls would add so much to a costume and everyone loves a little pot-belly pig, am I right??? Make it a family affair with the big bad wolf and a few piggies!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Adorably Unique Baby Halloween Costumes

This costume would also be awesome as a family themed costume. You can have a fisherman and a worm. Or have an entire aquarium full of adorable fish and a pearl oyster. The possibilities are truly endless! This is a really cute and fun costume!

What will your sweetie wear for Halloween this year? Share with me in the comments below. What better way to make your child’s first Halloween extra special than to make your own costume? Get inspired for your child’s first Halloween with these scary cute DIY kids Halloween costumes!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Get ready to make your child’s first Halloween memorable with a DIY costume! Here are 30 terrifyingly cute DIY Halloween costumes for kids that you can whip up in your sleep!

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

From superheroes to rock stars, these Halloween costumes are so creative and will be your child’s first Halloween!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Get ready to dazzle with the world’s smallest jumpsuit to make this adorable Elvis costume from Sew Much Ado. Don’t forget a coat to give your mini hound the perfect look!

An ’80s baby doesn’t get any cuter, unless there’s two of them! These ’80s workout kids are ready for candy in this perfect tube DIY costume from Coco’s Caravan.

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Kids’ Bug Costumes

Sing your favorite nursery rhymes all night long with this adorable spider costume from Hello Wonderful. This is so cute as a solo DIY costume for your child or as a family costume!

Sophie the Giraffe is at the top of everyone’s baby registry! Turn your cutie into an adorable snack with this DIY costume idea from the Shrimp Salad Circus.

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Jamie always has great DIY costume ideas for making really awesome fun things, and this kid’s Gameboy is especially cute! Check out how she made this using a baby romper and some felt.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Baby & Toddlers!

Sometimes DIY costumes scare me because I have no sewing skills! This no-sew costume from Hello Central Avenue looks easy enough for crafty beginners and is absolutely adorable. No gray skies with this cutie!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Action! This no-sew Baby Hedwig costume from Make Life Lovely is the perfect addition to your family’s Harry Potter dress-up.

Get this sewing pattern from Katie’s Crafting Shop to make this adorable Gumball costume. Such a unique and fun costume idea!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Best Family Halloween Costumes Ideas For 2020

Grab your glue gun and lots of cotton balls to make this DIY Spaceships and Laser Beam Lamb costume. This outfit would be cute on its own or paired with a big sister like Little Bo Peep.

Nothing is cuter than this little ice cream outfit from Pretty Life Girls. This is especially so when a child feels comfortable trick or treating for the first time.

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Send your little one to the moon with this NASA astronaut costume from Lovely Indeed. Teach those kids to be smart and strong right from the start!

Best Halloween Costume Ideas Kids Toddlers Babies Infants Pets Diy Funny Cute

Baby superheroes to the rescue! Create this adorable superhero costume in less than an hour using House Baby Onesie by Lars. Don’t forget Wonder Woman’s amazing hair!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Lines Across made the cutest pineapple costume for her baby using felt and some crafting skills. Get its full trial version to make your own baby fruit!

Clowns can be a little scary, but this DIY clown costume from the blog Paper Stitch is just adorable!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Cute Baby And Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Take your little one with you all night long like this adorable croissant and French outfit from Oh Happy Day. Good afternoon!

Head over to Props and Pals to get this crochet pattern to make the cutest lion. Create a hat and tail for the cutest lion you’ve ever seen!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Joyful Riot made such a fun DIY costume with this cookie circus animal costume. It will definitely make you crave your favorite snack from your childhood!

Ultra Cute Halloween Costume For Babies

Try your best and win first place in a costume contest with this little teapot costume from Hello Wonderful. Get a full tutorial on making one on her blog.

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

If your child is too young to fully enjoy trick-or-treating, but you want to go out with them, dress yourself up like this Kangaroo and Baby Joy from HGTV. Keep your little one close all night this holiday season.

Dress up your child in a sweet treat with this DIY Kids Halloween Costume from A Joyful Riot. There’s nothing cuter than cotton candy—except a kid dressed in it!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Diy Baby Halloween Costumes

Take this sewing pattern from Paper Scissors Frocks to make the cutest little baby poppy outfit. You’ll want to have cuddle time with this little cutie by your side all night long!

This is the most beautiful old lady I have ever seen! You can easily get your baby’s look by following Just Simply Mom’s instructions.

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Your little penguin can roam around the house in this cozy penguin costume model from Simpkins Costumes.

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume For A Baby

Turn a child’s favorite activity into a costume with this shrimp salad circus idea. If you’re looking for a last minute idea for this Halloween this is super easy!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Ting and Things made the funnest DIY costume by turning their little one into a baby sushi roll. Don’t forget the chopsticks to really give this costume that extra touch!

This cute DIY baby costume from A Beautiful Mess is amazing! See how she turned it into a mommy and baby costume for a really special Halloween!

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Of The Most Adorably Creative Baby Costumes You Can Diy

When you have a baby, you always need more coffee! Check out how Brooke Angelique went all out to make this baby Starbucks Frappuccino costume for her baby’s first Halloween!

Star Wars fans will love this crochet pattern from Step-by-Step Patterns to Make Your Own Baby Yoda Halloween Costume.

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Your baby will look even cuter in this DIY beanie costume from Gina Mitchell. Don’t forget the TY sticker to make it more authentic!

Best Twin Halloween Costume Ideas

This Disneyland tourist costume from Say Ha is so fun and easy! Create a costume for the whole family with you

Infant Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

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