Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

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Requiem for the Cowboys: Jason Witten’s departure and the expected retirement of Jason Witten My youth is also the end of an era in Dallas, writes Jared Dubin

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

The Dallas Cowboys are an American team and they have fans all over the country, even in enemy territory. However, growing up as a Cowboys fan living in central New Jersey can be a bit lonely at times. Most of my childhood friends were fans of the New York Giants and most of them disliked the Jets.

Jason Witten Autographed Dallas Cowboys 16×20 Helmet Off Pf Photo Beck

However, I never had a choice when it came to becoming a Cowboys fan. My dad would make sure both of his sons were Cowboys fans if it was the last thing he ever did. (We are, but we are not.) I wore Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith shirts before I knew what football was. Of course, if my father’s push had not strengthened my loyalty to the star-studded band on my helmet, the group’s great success since I was a child would have been possible. The Cowboys won three Super Bowls before I was 8 and I’m sure I felt like they would never stop winning.

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

We know that’s not how things work. After 1995, the Cowboys stopped winning Super Bowls and they didn’t win anything for a while during my teens. They cycle through coaches and riders each year, jumping from Barry Switzer to Chan Gailey and Dave Campon, and from the end of the Troy Aikman era to the short reigns of Quincy Carter and Anthony Wright and Ryan Leaf and Clint. Stoerner. Chad Hutchinson.

When the boys responded to their 5-11 season for the third time under Campo, dismissing him and replacing him with the legendary Bill Parcells in the 2003 season, I could not be more excited. No. The first draft pick of the Parcells era was Terence Newman, who had just watched college football in Kansas with Ell Roberson and Darren Sproles. Everything seemed to be going up, I told myself at the time. And then my son started kicking boring expectations. A center I have never heard of. Crazy looking late. Defender who seems to write Brady wrong. A man with a serious name, Zuriel.

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys Autographed 16” X 20” No Helmet Photograph

I hate the last pick. I’m still intimidated by the tight endings of the recent past like Kendall Watkins and Eric Bjornson, and worst of all, David LaFleur, the last tight end looks similar in size and body type. As you know, now I have never been more wrong than the narrow end. Because that guy is Jason Witten, the greatest Cowboys of all time and probably the Hall of Famer.

Witten has lived my life longer than most people I know, and he spends most of his time inspiring against defenders and supporters alike. Witten was never considered the best athlete and from the first day his game was zero. What he plays the hardest is keeping him well-balanced enough to strike hard, lose his helmet and stay on the ground. Only then can he run another 30 meters off the ground.

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

For the most part, Witten did everything he had to do to be open with perfect technique. How could this guy, the slowest player in the league, look like he dropped 8-10 yards as the league got bigger and faster and stronger while he was still the same size? Each other and slower and slower and slower. Never ceases to amaze me. But he did it because he was cunning. Always.

Why Jason Witten Made The Right Call To Leave Espn, Return To Cowboys

. Witten missed just one game in his 15-year career in the fifth week of his entire new season. He then played in 235 consecutive games and started every time the Cowboys played since 2004. He played with a jaw in 2003 and a broken mouth in 2012. He played with a broken rib in 2008 and MCL in 2010 and broke his ankle and knee in 2015. And he kept opening.

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

Witten will tell Jerry Jones about his retirement on Friday. He goes to ESPN to call “Monday Night Football” along with his best friend and longtime teammate Tony Romo, as well as other exclusive legends like Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston and Deion Sanders and (players who I love it all the time) The famous Michael Irvin. Cowboys on TV. Witten seems to shine in this role because he is friendly and outgoing and loves football and is very smart. He has long been referred to by journalists as the “big quote”, meaning he provides more real answers than the usual robots that players are trained to distribute. And of course he can rely on his experience and success.

From his first NFL appearance until the end of his time in the league, only one NFL player has caught more balls than Jason Witten (Larry Fitzgerald, natch). Only five had extra yards (Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Steve Smith and Reggie Wayne). Witten ranked fourth in league history with 1,152 catches and the 21st of all time with 12,448 yards. According to Pro-Football-Reference estimates, only one tight end earns more Pro Bowls (Tony Gonzalez) and only two (Gonzalez and Antonio Gates) collect more value from start to finish. Finished their career. He is one of the rare opposition players to receive praise from Bill Belichick.

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

Jason Witten

During that time I graduated from high school and college and law school. I started and ended my football “career” and confessed to my father that no, I was not really trying to form a football team in Miami because I knew I was not good at all. . I have three different careers and I have written for countless websites. I called nine different body positions to the house. I made new friends and kept old ones and lost both of them. I lost my dog ​​from my childhood to old age and became old and responsible and financially stable enough to raise another dog. I have seen friends and relatives leave, and I have seen friends get married and have children of their own. I was heartbroken and I was heartbroken. I had great victories and struggles. I spent more time with injuries than Jason Witten (two knee tears, two hip tears and more) and, as mentioned, I quit playing football for only two years in Witten’s career.

Through it all, Witten just came out every Sunday and did what he did. Now it’s over.

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

Jason Witten was born 5 years, 2 days before me and was drafted into the NFL a week and a half before I was 16 years old. He retired exactly 15 years after the draft, which means I am now a week and a half away from 31 years old. I have lived almost half of my life with Jason Witten, usually in my team. Life and I are investing in his success. Given his new job, it seems like I will spend more time with him (on my TV) in the future.

Raiders News: Jason Witten Retires From Nfl

But it is not the same. He did not wear the number 82 or the letters on his helmet. He will not wear a helmet at all. And he does not drive 8-10 yards. He was in a suit and wearing headphones and holding a microphone. And I wonder where my youth went. Jason Witten joined the National Football League in 2003 as the Dallas Cowboys’ third choice. Witten spent 15 seasons with the Cowboys, where he was a two-time All-Pro and 11-time Pro Bowler. He ranks fourth all-time in professional hospitality. He announced his retirement on May 3, 2018 to join ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” program as an analyst. On Thursday, February 28, 2019, Witten announced that he has decided to return to the Dallas Cowboys for the 16th season.

Jason Witten No Helmet Photo

Dallas Cowboy players from left Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Roy Williams and Flozell Adams pose before the NFC practice.

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