Maaco Car Painting Deals

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Maaco Car Painting Deals – I want to paint my car in MAACO by getting Presidential or Supreme paint job. I’ll just paint it black (since the last time the camaro was painted was in 1992) and have them paint the car with red stripes or paint it myself. I was wondering if anyone had a rough estimate of how much it would run me with or without the stripes.

Why maaco do you want it to last or look good for a week I’d rather have a monkey paint my car.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

Maaco Car Painting Deals

I told my dad to take it back and get better but he didn’t listen to me……….

Black Ss New Maaco Paintjob

That’s because when you pay for a paint job, that’s what you get. Even if you paint it yourself (which I highly recommend) the paint will cost more than that. Well, unless you have a really shitty painting.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

Honestly, unless your original paint is in terrible condition, I wouldn’t even consider maaco. They don’t even use primer on any of their cheaper paint jobs. They just use a scotch-brite to scuff the clear or what have you now, then put the enamel on. Nothing new clear, no work to prepare, all the rust will disappear. And they don’t even mask that much. They will paint many things like door handles and so on. And overspray will only go on the door jambs.

If you want a cheap paint job, put all that money into a decent set of spray guns and starter gear. Get a decent primer, base, and polish. Practice on scrap metal, or even a friend’s beater car. But by doing the prep work yourself and vaping it yourself, you’ll get a better result and a sense of accomplishment.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

My Maaco Paint Job.

Well, it depends on the use of the vehicles. Daily driver or just strip driver one day a week. I always think if you do the preparation and prepare everything, I always think that the paint will be very good.

Macco did my complete color change from the stock navy blue to a purple car with white stripes, cut off the nose emblem, cut off the antenna, and replaced the handles with door on C-series truck handles/K from 1988 to 1997. Swapping grips involves cutting the sheet metal around the grips and welding new ones. The door panels were pulled, the door jambs and the body were shot. Just under the cover you will find the original Marina Blue, which is normal for color change.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

Unless the paint dripped onto the floor, my local shop did a good job. With better sanding of the colors, the paint leaks could have been repaired before the varnish was pulled.

Pontiac Chieftain Gets Maaco Paint Job

But it was 5 years ago, and I’m sorry, but I don’t remember what all the work was. So just because it’s Maaco doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad job. It depends on THAT Macco, whether they let them in, let them out, or take care of their jobs. I have the luxury of having another car and I told him: “It will be a month, 2 months, I don’t care, do it RIGHT.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

It depends on how good you go to people… if you go to someone who has a lot of business your paint work is crap… but you go to the boondocks somewhere that is proud of his work. ..maybe good

Yes, I heard that too. I think someone told me the maaco in my town was better before it changed hands.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

On Your Side: Petersburg Woman Suing Maaco Over Car Painting Problems

Maacos are independent franchises. Some are better/worse than others. Ask the store for references. Any good shop keeps archives and examples of its past work.

99% of a good painting job is in the prep work. Anyone can spray paint a car. It takes skill to prepare it properly.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

I took my daughter’s car to MAACO for paint and body work. Body work is okay. The first time I went to pick him up, he went through everything. The second time, it was like someone ran over their finger there. The third time I went in and asked the manager. I told him that he could teach all the Mexicans to paint my daughter’s car, but it would be done as soon as I got it. Two days later it looked like a dealership paint job. If you paint it there, don’t accept a half-*** job.

Paint Job Shouldn’t Cost Me $2k

For 800 I can buy a spray gun and change the color with ppg deltron…..that’s not including the labor……the base will work 60 liters depending on the color.. (red is most expensive) you need a gallon of base when everything is mixed and ready to burn. 600, 1500….$100….devilbiss makes a starter line kit for $250…..then another $100 for primer…then about $250 for your clear… and a brand name spray gun.. ….Imagine what you can do with crappo duppicolor and a $75 spray gun………Any idiot can get paint for good sound as long as you get the job done that’s right…..have you seen the rustoleom paint job? Wet sanding and buffing is what makes a great paint job

Maaco Car Painting Deals

I’m sure no matter how bad a job my local Maaco can do, it won’t be any worse than the paint job on my current Camaro. I don’t know what the previous owner was thinking, but he painted parts of my car and it made me cringe when I washed it. After the snow melted this winter, I took it out to be painted with Maaco, but maybe twice to make sure there was a good coating.

If you don’t change color you can go to maaco. I will do the prep work myself. even the tools and tricks to do it right can add up to $100 or more for a variety of sanding blocks, 80-600 grit sandpaper, filler if needed, and even primers. Time may be a bigger issue, but it will be worth it in the end.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

Year Old Maaco Paint Job With Major Issues.

I have the same idea as you. do all the prep myself and have them painted. then I realized that if I did the work myself, I could do a color change paint job for the same price as the cost of doing an original color paint job. it all depends on how much work you want to put into it, how much time you have to invest, and how much money you want to spend.

Macco is good.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

My brother’s car had a macco job about 2 weeks ago.. the first week was good because someone said..

Maaco Unveils Online Estimating Tool For Vehicle Paint And Repair Appointments

It was hot during the day and very foggy with a lot of humidity at night and the painting after the second week was quite nice.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

I don’t know for a year or so, but I say go with Macco…a cheap paint job for $500 with no prep work on your part. That’s my plan when my car is finished.

If you buy their most expensive work, it’s a great paint line. I would recommend doing your own preparation and possibly masking it as well. That is if your towing is there of course. The low end work they sell is crap paint. But they have a high end base/clear. Or do it yourself and rent a booth from someone.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

Diy Painting Your Car At Home

I work for DHL and all their delivery vans are painted maaco. they have about 40 vans and the paint is chipped easily and not easy to fix, but looks great from about 15 feet away. it’s not like the paint is peeling after a year or two

The paint is something you have to look at every time you approach the car…i don’t like that mine is half off.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

Are you saying that Maaco is only half working? I have never had a car painted by them, but they have been in business for a long time. That must mean something to them.

Maaco Auto Body Shop & Painting Gift Cards And Gift Certificates

When they started their business, I doubt they had people coming back a week later with faded/chipping paint. If they did, I don’t believe they would still be in business today.

Maaco Car Painting Deals

I agree, their preparation work is lacking. I painted my 92 RS a few years ago. I did one of the high-end painting jobs. There are places on the car where I can still see sanding marks under the paint (seems like I’m the only one who can see them until I point them out) but as a daily driver I can’t really complain…

I found a photo of the modified door handles and the car has a complete color change. Red to purple..

Maaco Car Painting Deals

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