Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

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Metallic Blue Paint Jobs – Lol Long thread topic I know, but I figured I’d share my color progress when I spray this thing

Over a dark blue base we will create ghost racing stripes with silver pearls

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Once this is done, the stripes are masked off and the rest of the car is sprayed with a light coat of .015 blue metallic.

Restoration Shop Ice Blue Metallic Acrylic Urethane Auto Paint Complete Quart Paint Kit, Single Stage High Gloss

The machine is already washed and waiting to be closed, then it will be ready for the base

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

This weekend we are washing the engine so I can put the new engine back in the car

My two favorite colors in the 3rd generation..Black or Blue and you get them both in one frame!! Best friend can’t wait to see it splashed once!

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Bottled Basf(oem) Touch Up Paint For Ford *n6* Lightning Blue Metallic Tricoat

Thnx guys looks like good weather and decent temps this weekend, if not saturday/sunday should spray some car parts tomorrow.

I went with a black base / pearl copper combo, but decided to do on the machine

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

When I paint my truck I use black base/copper pearl or black base/red pearl Restoration Shop

I have a few friends who have used summit stuff and they told me it sanded really well and easy and it did

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

I got the primer kit with everything for $100 and it got me a 2 gallon spray primer

We tried my little cap, which wasn’t very well done so it looked like a ton of orange peel, but we wanted to get a feel for how many pearls to add.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Eastwood Ceramic High Temperature Engine Paint Amc Metallic Blue Quart

Black base and clear coat (in shade) with 35 grams per quart of mother-of-pearl

So we took the hood off, revealing pearl blue and metallic

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Looks good this way (not pearly enough, still trying to get a deeper blue)

High Gloss Indigo Blue Single Stage Acrylic Enamel Paint Gallon Kit

Anyway, I ran out of paint to get it right and I had some bright colors so I sprinkled pearl on top of the black primer, I love the color but it gave me a color shift effect, not what I wanted

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

It looks like it has stripes and squares, but that’s because I sprayed 4 different combinations of clear and pearl in one area.

This was the first area where I made the pearl clear and then went over it with a small piece of clear metal to get a similar effect, but the color of the metal piece was darker compared to the pearl.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

New 2023 Chevrolet Camaro Ss 1ss Near Harrison Charter Township, Mi

Anyway, I have an experienced friend who is coming to see if he can paint the car with pearl over a black base and not scratch the paint if it doesn’t weigh 35 grams. quart to 50 blue

If we can’t get it without stripes i will spray paint the whole car black and then mix pearl with clear and spray the car the color you see in the last 3 photos because we know we can match it.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Maybe someone here can help me figure out why the streaks appear in the black base blue pearl mixture

Bmw 328i (mediterranean Blue Metallic) — Detailership™

We can do different reps, different air pressures, go faster or slower, etc. we tried and they wouldn’t go away.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Streaks appear along the edges of the spray pattern both above and below the spray

And don’t bother me about the orange skin and poor prep I know, the hood was a hood and was enough to check the picture before I sprayed the actual car.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Exclusive Blue Paint Job Spotted On Bmw 3 Series — Gallery

I’m going with the same paint scheme using Barrett Jackson, Sherman Williams jet black….keep up the good work.

I always leave the pearl on the base, it does a good job of cleaning without streaking, and your problem may be applying a wet coat. streaks or pearl spots should be used in medium coats for smoothness

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

P.S. They make spray paint cards that you can use so you don’t have to use a lot of material to test your color.

Anyone Know This Paint Color? It’s Like Electric Blue, But It’s Non Metallic. I’ve Seen It Around Enough For Me To Think This Is Not A Custom Job, But I’ve Never Seen It

Yes, i burned a black base and clear kauri into that leftover cap and we used to spray 25 different test pieces on it.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

In addition to my lack of experience with pearls, the cheap nail polish I was using didn’t hold the pearl powder properly.

I bought a liter of pure and simple duplicator to try out, so I wasn’t sure if they would work.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

My Baby Back From The Paint Shop. (3rd Gen)

The guys on the other forum gave me a lot of helpful tips. On Monday I’ll go to the local body shop in town, I’ll get a pint of black and some clear stuff and try again with that.

If I’m still having trouble with the pearls, I have another artist friend that we can get to come down and paint the car for me.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

It’s a great feeling when someone asks you if you can say that you did the last job on the car

Frost Blue Metallic Basecoat Clear Coat Car Paint

Give it a try. and by faster I mean you are spraying light coats. works well with pearls and metals

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Learn to drive with the edge of the car. You can’t splash on a pearl or metal panel. Takes a bit of practice because applying pearlescent paint is A LOT of *****

The PPG gives a good color I spray the coral on the base and leave the base and put something else on the 1st clear coat, if you spray a heavy coat on the first coat you may have streaks or streaks. a stiffener can be added to the base to hold the skin in place when you remove it

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Secrets Of Jeep’s Wrangler Paint Jobs, Details On Future Gladiator Color Options Revealed

Although we have identified and resolved the issue we had, I will not be doing it again.

I just got back from a local body shop where they will completely prep and spray my car for $250 including fairing.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

I think the price is worth it since the car will be in a real shop and not in our house.

Tru Blue Pearl Basecoat Clear Coat Car Paint Kit

Instead of mixing my colors, I just ordered the midnight blue pearl set, which should be close to what I want

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Contact Us – Manage Settings – Advertising – Cookie Policy – Privacy Statement – Terms of Service – Do Not Sell My Personal Information – Some of the topics discussed are figurative, others are more specific. It will be one of the last. When I think of the blues, after Nas and Olu Dara, I think of Yas Marina, not the racetrack, but the powder blue paint job of a BMW. Then I think of the 63 Pontiac Star boss engine block – now that I think about it, that blues is pretty close. But I digress. These are the best places to go for blue paint, except for racing gear – Mike’s Prison here is factory paint only.

The latest edition of the blues is Honda’s Boost Blue on the new Civic Type R unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. We don’t just love the color because we love the car, but we love it because it’s exotic and not exotic.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Restoration Shop Dark Turquoise Metallic Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint

It’s bright and catches everyone’s attention, including the police, but it’s not yellow or green or purple just for supercars.

The Type R gets new two-piece brake rotors, while suspension options include updated shock absorbers for better ride comfort, stronger bushings for better grip, and revised front suspension and steering for better handling feel.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

If you want to mess with the Type R, get the gray – if not, this is the color for you.

Cayman S Sapphire Blue Metallic Custom Paint

This dark blue color made a comeback recently when Ford introduced the Mustang Shelby GT350, Ford GT and F-150 Raptor. It’s currently available on a number of the company’s vehicles, and it’s probably the best blue in the bunch.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

It looks great, but still blends in and looks good under white or gray stripes. Obviously, it’s not Alpina Green, which is the best color on the market right now, but I wouldn’t mind using a few buckets on my gray Mustang GT.

Subaru’s World Rally Blue is found on approximately 50 percent of WRX’s in Japan. For some reason, buyers of the standard WRX don’t like it that much.

Metallic Blue Paint Jobs

Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

When I see the paint, I think of Colin McRae’s yellow “555” rally car.

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