Printable List Of National Parks

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Printable List Of National Parks – Going to a national park this summer? This National Park Children’s Research Project will guide them on how to complete a fun research project. Even if you’re only planning a virtual visit, this is a great program for your elementary and middle school classes at the end of the school year. You may also want to coincide with National Parks Week, which takes place every April.

There are currently 63 national parks in the United States. Below is a full list of all 63 national parks, along with links to the National Park Service website. Read on to the end of this article for a printable list of all 63 nationally organized parks.

Printable List Of National Parks

Printable List Of National Parks

Check out my Great Government Research Project for a guide to creating interesting US government research projects

All 423 National Parks By State: A Complete List!

You may want your students to give written presentations, visual presentations on whiteboards, slide shows, or oral presentations. My preference for this project is to have them create a slideshow and give an oral presentation, using their slides to stay on track and cover the information they need.

Printable List Of National Parks

If you prefer to just focus on learning research skills, you can use my ready-made worksheets to provide templates for your students to fill in the necessary information. My National Parks Project Worksheet provides your students with a template for collecting and organizing research.

Give students a list of information they should include in the final product. This will guide their research and provide guidance when creating lectures, slides, or other forms of presentations.

Printable List Of National Parks

The Ultimate Us National Parks Resource

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We found many great books on national parks at our local library! Here are some kid-friendly ways to find information about national parks.

Printable List Of National Parks

National Geographic – National Parks: Great Photos and Personal Guide to 61 National Parks (you must enter your email address to read the full article)

Texas State Parks Map

Google Earth National Parks: Kids have fun zooming in and exploring the landscapes of some of our national parks!

Printable List Of National Parks

View All U.S. National Parks in 1 Minute (National Geographic): Quickly view iconic photos of each of the top 59 national parks. A wonderful introduction to the beauty, majesty and diversity of the natural world thanks to our park system.

62 U.S. National Parks Explained (435 U.S.): An 8-minute history of the formation of national parks, the history of park creation and management, and how they were created.

Printable List Of National Parks

National Parks Checklist

How the National Park Service Got Started (History Channel): A short 4-minute video detailing how we created the National Park Service. The visuals are nice and very easy for kids to understand.

58 National Parks in the US (GoTraveler): This list is missing a few, but this playlist covers most national parks with a short video introduction.

Printable List Of National Parks

If you join the mailing list below, you will have access to my printable library where you can find a list of US national parks. They link to each park’s National Park Service website and are great to add to your Google Classroom. Also, you can always print it out for a hard copy.

Best Things To Do In Glacier National Park

Whether you let your kids research a national park they want to visit someday or let them know about a park your family plans to visit soon, they’ll learn how to do simple research with this project.

Printable List Of National Parks

Ask them specific questions to investigate, then invite them to look for other interesting facts, stories, or other information they find interesting. Use my prepared worksheet templates to make it easier for them to gather and organize information, then let your kids make slides or tell you what they’ve learned. If they’ve done their research, they can even act as guides for your family’s next national park trip!

Join my mailing list to receive updates when new printable resources are added to the library, as well as tips and encouragement for your organized homeschooling. Do you have a list of national parks? If so, here’s your free printable list of national parks by state so you can check them out. We’ve updated it to 2022 to make sure all 63 national parks are listed.

Printable List Of National Parks

Usa National Park Checklist For 2022

If you’ve ever had the chance to set foot in one of America’s beautiful national parks, you know how magical they are.

Whether you’re admiring the beautiful mountains of Glacier National Park on the West Coast or walking past the alligators of Everglades National Park in Florida, each individual park has something special to offer.

Printable List Of National Parks

We have visited 17 national parks so far and hope to see more in the coming years.

Us National Parks Checklist Poster

The first national park we visited was Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, followed by Yosemite, Titan, Yellowstone and Glacier. Needless to say, we were quick to appreciate these natural wonders (especially those found in the Rocky Mountains).

Printable List Of National Parks

Scroll to the bottom of this post for an instant free printable list of U.S. national parks and a link to our free printable national park map post.

Update January 7, 2021: There are now 63 national parks, including New River Gorge in West Virginia, which is now a national park!

Printable List Of National Parks

Detailed National Parks Map Of The United States

The National Park System includes 418 national parks in the United States. They cover more than 84 million acres in each state and are spread across areas such as parks in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Guam. There are 60 stations in the system, including “National Parks” as part of their proper names, such as Acadia, Everglades, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone.

The newest national park to join the list in 2021 is New River Canyon National Park in West Virginia. When new national parks become available in 2022, we’ll be sure to add them to this list and update the printables so you always have the latest version.

Printable List Of National Parks

(Side note: We will continue to update this list of U.S. national parks by linking to the articles we write about each park.)

The Ultimate Free U.s. National Park Checklist For 2022 Includes The 63 National Parks

The highest peak in North America (Denali, 20,310 feet, formerly Mount McKinley), this 6 million-acre frozen frontier will take your breath away from start to finish.

Printable List Of National Parks

Denali just means “big” and no one would argue against that. With only one road (mostly dirt and gravel) through the park and a park entrance, your tour doesn’t require much navigation.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring. Wildlife and wild landscapes abound on this final frontier, so keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Printable List Of National Parks

Ultimate Us National Parks List For 2022 (+ Printable Checklist)

Without a single road or trail, this park gives you the opportunity to explore landscapes and ecosystems that have been altered only by the forces of nature over thousands of years.

Despite their pristine nature, the rivers in this remote region don’t freeze until mid-June. Plan your travels and your wardrobe accordingly and always be prepared for the unexpected and extreme.

Printable List Of National Parks

Not surprisingly, if you love glaciers, Glacier Bay should be the place to be on your next visit to the national park.

California National Parks Checklist

All told, it’s not only home to 3.3 million acres of rapidly changing glaciers, but also temperate rainforest, rugged mountain peaks (the tallest Mount Fairweather, at over 15,000 feet), and the wildest coastline imaginable.

Printable List Of National Parks

Feel the land that has been called home to the people of Huna-Tlingit by countless generations. (By the way, this park tops Todd’s list.)

Hundreds of brown bears (about 2,200 to be exact) and salmon big enough to attract you! These are just a few moments that you can experience when you visit this wonderful place near Kodiak.

Printable List Of National Parks

Summer Bucket List Of 33 Fun Activities With Printable

But be sure to schedule your visit between June 1st and September 17th, as outside of these dates, services are very limited and the visitor center will be closed.

Bear viewing opportunities here are second to none, with people from all over the world seeing these giants up close in their natural, largely unaltered habitat. You will not leave.

Printable List Of National Parks

“Where mountains, ice and ocean meet.” That sums up the experience you can get in a remote area about 3 hours from Anchorage.

Amazing Things To Do In Arches National Park (+ Helpful Tips)

Did we mention that these oceans are full of killer whales, humpback whales, beluga whales and countless other wildlife you might see? Take a kayak into the bay to get up close and personal with these creatures, or opt for a boat tour with one of the tour companies departing from Seward.

Printable List Of National Parks

Whatever your choice, plan your visit during the most popular months, June to August, although the park is open year-round. (Our son just worked at this place all summer and gave us firsthand feedback that this place is simply amazing.)


Printable List Of National Parks

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