Shopkins Toy Pictures

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Shopkins Toy Pictures – In this adorable set around the fridge, the adorable Shopkins completes all kitchen essentials. You’ve never seen ice cubes with personality like these! Watch for that extra twinkle in your child’s eyes the next time they open the real fridge. It will make your day!

If your little Shopkins lover needs a little excitement, this is the perfect set to bring home. Each figurine comes with a big smile and hours of play. Your little one will learn to create a happy space, and these skills will likely translate to real life! It’s a win-win toy.

Shopkins Toy Pictures

Shopkins Toy Pictures

It’s like magic! Adorable Shopkins can come right out of this gumball machine-style dispenser and right into your child’s play session. Characters can also ride a candy cart or hang from a lollipop holder.

Shopkins Real Littles Sneakers (1 Mystery Pack)

It’s hard to keep track of all the lowercase letters once the collection starts expanding. Grab a Shopkins-exclusive collector’s case to save clutter and display these toys!

Shopkins Toy Pictures

Any true Shopkins fan would love to wear jewelry featuring their favorite characters. The balloon that Shopkins rides in adds a whimsical touch. That way, your little explorers can go everywhere with Shopkins.

If your child is interested in Shopkins and you’re not sure how to start a collection, this is the way to go! It’s fun to start the Shopkins family strong, and this 12-pack does just that.

Shopkins Toy Pictures

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