Steampunk Paint Colors

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Steampunk Paint Colors – If you are a consumer (or any kind of consumer) and don’t know what Rub ‘n Buff is, this tutorial will make your life a lot easier. You have no idea.

Rub Buff? Well, it’s a product made of wax and a very thin metal post. You can rub it on any smooth surface and this surface will look like metal. It’s a wonderful product and nothing should be without it. Here’s what it looks like:

Steampunk Paint Colors

Steampunk Paint Colors

As you can see, it comes in a tube which I paid $ 5.15 for. This particular color is Golden Leaf, and one Rub ‘n Buff tube should be able to cover an area of ​​20 square feet, which is more than you could use in any area I think of.

Office Wall Collage

When I got mine, I went ahead and removed the Nerf logo and other stuff (like I did with the Nerf Dart Tag) and then painted it black. I highly recommend using black as a base color for anything you plan on using in Rub ‘n Buff, this way if the wax wears out or doesn’t get into all the cracks it will look messy or get stuck.

Steampunk Paint Colors

Of course you have to decide which colors you want to use in your prop, so I decided to use these four:

In case you can’t read them, it’s silver leaf, antique gold, ebony and gold leaf. One thing to keep in mind before starting is that sometimes Rub ‘n Buff splits into glue and oil, so if you open the tube and find it too liquid you may need to close it and rub the tube until it’s clear . it gets mixed up.

Steampunk Paint Colors

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Once you’ve got the glue thickness right, it’s time to apply it to the prop. I recommend starting with any complex areas as it will be more difficult to do later without getting Rub ‘n Buff on the areas you have already done. So I decided to make gun parts.

As for the application, I think it’s best to start with your finger, fine-tune any details with a cotton ball or something similar. My very dirty finger is shown below. If you don’t like getting your hands dirty, this might not be your style.

Steampunk Paint Colors

But all I do is put a little, tiny piece on my finger and then put it in the gun. Use a rubbing motion as you want to spread the paste as thin and evenly as possible. The less you apply at a time, the better it will look, so try to avoid just dropping a handful on the prop and rubbing it. I admit that my patience was running out and sometimes I used very little, so you can see some speckling in my finished product.

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After normal removal, simply rub your finger all over the place. As it is wax based, I had no problem cleaning my finger afterwards with only soap and water.

Steampunk Paint Colors

Here’s a close-up where you can see that I applied too much at that time. Instead of getting a smooth, shiny glow, you get streaks:

I think it still looks pretty good, but you can see the lines I’m talking about.

Steampunk Paint Colors

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Once you are done using Rub ‘n Buff, simply take a soft cloth and crush it. Polishing is a vigorous rubbing back and forth to shine. You don’t want to push yourself too hard into the support as you can slide the wax around and create holes at the end, but you still want a lot of pressure on it.

Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your home business opportunities to the next level? Start your career with the new Microsoft Excel Premium A to Z Training Pack from the new Gadget Hacks Shop and get lifetime access to over 40 basic hours of advanced instructions on features, formulas, tools and more. I was itching to paint my couch last week I couldn’t sleep until I tried! I had painted the upholstery before, but the first attempt was on a very light bench. This time I wanted to test if this technique would work on a complex piece and I am happy to report that YES!

Steampunk Paint Colors

As I mentioned in my blog about how to paint upholstery, the beauty of fabric painting is that you don’t need to prepare, you just start to paint your art as it is.

How To Create A Modern Industrial Look That Is Timeless

* This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay for orders from these links anymore, but I earn a small commission to keep bringing you cool designs! They also let me show you exactly what I’m using so you know what I mean! *

Steampunk Paint Colors

I’ve mixed the colors of Dixie Belle Paint Evergreen, Palmetto and Cobalt Blue to get this rich emerald color. It took about 50 ounces of paint but it turned out great!

The secret to painting fabric is to spray it. This will open the pores and allow the fabric to hold paint. Then paint the fabric the way you paint anything else. Allow the paint to dry and sand.

Steampunk Paint Colors

Steampunk Banner Photos

Dixie Belle Chalk mineral paint is highly pigmented, so it acts as a dye! You are probably wondering if it really works? Well, have you ever painted your clothes? Does it come out of the washing machine? No, it’s not!! I can assure you that it will also not come off the furniture.

This sofa required 2 coats of paint in the same process. However, after the second layer, I only removed the seating area to soften it. I left the backrest uncut to maintain a better color saturation. Then, to seal it, I sprayed the entire couch with Easy Peasy Spray wax.

Steampunk Paint Colors

For the sofa frame, I installed it with clear BOSS. Then I put on it Eternal gilding wax from Re · Design with Prima. After shading it with silver (Dixie Belle, one of their brand new products coming in Fall 2020. Stay tuned!) And Rose Gold (the Finnibar collection by Prima) to reassure him a bit!

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How this sofa was made! Honestly, I don’t know what to do about it. I plan on keeping it in my store until I need a space. If you are from the NWI / Chicagoland area and interested please let me know. Perfect for a boutique or photo session!

Steampunk Paint Colors

Don’t be afraid to draw fabric guys. I find it much easier and cheaper than trying to re-upholster all those forgotten chairs and sofas.

Give it a try and share your crazy unique creations with me on Instagram or Facebook. Tag me! I would love to see you push your creativity beyond the limits.

Steampunk Paint Colors

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If upholstered furniture is not your style, why not start by answering my questions and decide on a home decoration that fits your personality perfectly?

Would you like to learn to improve my drawing techniques? I have a lot of tutorials that contain specific steps to follow. Find them all HERE Have you heard of the Steampunk decor? It is a unique combination in which only mechanical, hydraulic and steam technologies allow the creation of futuristic machines. The Steampunk color palette is not as popular as other ways to decorate your home, but it is unique which makes it very attractive.

Steampunk Paint Colors

A bold combination of Victorian style and tools gives a warmer touch than Industrial Decor and more metal than Rustic Decor. Fans of geared machines will be delighted with these user-friendly interior designs, but let’s first learn a little about the gender.

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Initially, the concept of Steampunk emerged as part of science fiction where advanced technology was mixed with Victorian and antiquated architecture, which is why it is so rarely known as a decorative style.

Steampunk Paint Colors

Historically, Steampunk wasn’t very popular even in the 1980s, when it started out, it’s a niche genre for a large audience. However, new technologies and forms of entertainment have repeatedly revived Steampunk, such as movies and video games, making it more popular.

Nowadays, it is easy to find furniture, clothes and other decorative elements in this style. Although part of the magic of this style is to adapt the metal materials used to a modern and fun style.

Steampunk Paint Colors

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The unique look offered by this bold mix of ideas in which machines fit for the industrial revolution become true works of gothic art creates a beautiful and very versatile style that we can easily adapt to our tastes.

The steampunk color palette presents us with a topic in which dark and metallic colors are present

Steampunk Paint Colors

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