Xcaret National Park

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Where can you swim in the rivers below, watch an amazing show, walk among thousands of butterflies, swim with fish and turtles at the amazing gate where sea meets fresh water? You may be asking yourself, “Does this place really exist?” Certainly our experience at this glorious place called Xcaret Park is much better than we expected!

Xcaret National Park

Xcaret National Park

The word Xcaret in the ancient Mayan culture means “small”, hence the name of this ecological park. Xcaret Park is a nearly 80 hectare eco-friendly park where the forest meets the ocean and is located on the Riviera Maya outside of Cancun, Mexico. But when I talk about tobacco, it’s very low. This park is very different from other parks we have been to. Many people say that it looks like Disneyland, but in fact its only similarity is that it is a park. Xcaret is a park for those who love to watch animals, snorkel, swim and experience the culture first hand. If you love National Geographic like we do, or your family loves Discovery and Disney Channels, then this is the place for you.

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The designers of this park thought of capturing the culture of Yucatan and the ecology of Xcaret in order to have fun days. During our visit, it was interesting to see how they work with the environment, using their knowledge to keep homes and habitats safe. So, where the stages were being prepared and the Maya cities were being built, everything went towards the natural development of this area. There are so many things that visitors should set aside for a trip of at least 2 days.

Xcaret National Park

We couldn’t visit the entire park in one day, so we plan to return. When visiting the park, we recommend choosing an Xcaret Plus ticket. This is appropriate because your Xcaret ticket includes access to Xcaret in Cancun from 8:30 am. until 21:30. where you can enjoy more than 40 events, shows and access to facilities with access to the “Plus” ticketing zones. It also includes one lunch which consists of some of the best meals and fresh fruit juices we have. At night, you can see the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular celebration, which is a must see.

If only one day is allotted for enjoying Xcaret, we recommend exploring and enjoying these must-have and must-do activities:

Xcaret National Park

Corporativo Experiencias Xcaret: Nuestra Historia

The Butterfly Pavilion is one of the largest butterfly breeding centers in Mexico where we can see all the life stages of a butterfly and then head to the free flying house. We can see how they feed and fly behind us, above us, and some of them sit on our hats. This is a great experience for kids of all ages and a great experience for adults.

Our favorite is underground rivers. The rivers are part of a huge cave system that runs deep beneath the surface of the Yucatán Peninsula, and in Xcaret you and your family can see it even if you can’t swim. Both children and adults are required to wear life jackets and if you wish, they will also provide you with snorkel gear. Lockers are provided so you can leave your clothes and belongings while you swim down the river. It should be noted that the river does not end where you start, so the park will give you a sturdy duffel bag that they will prepare for you when you leave the river. You need to wear shoes, a small swimsuit and a towel so you can explore the park after your shower. When you’re ready, you can return to the lockers for the rest of your things. This is a very pleasant service.

Xcaret National Park

The sea turtles at Xcaret are part of the Mayan Riviera Sea Turtle Conservation Program, which includes rescue, rehabilitation, tagging and release. The turtles at Xcaret are protected by this program and can easily be seen from some of the platforms and ponds at the show. We did not have much time to study this exhibition, but judging by what we saw, it is not worth wasting time viewing it.

Things To Do In Xcaret

Xcaret Coral Reef Aquarium is a great place to explore the many underwater creatures found on Caribbean reefs. These interactive exhibits allow you to get in touch with some of these beautiful species found on the coral reef and we are very pleased with the amazing work Xcaret has done with this exhibit that will delight children and adults alike. !

Xcaret National Park

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular This show in itself is a performance that will take you on a magical journey through the culture and history of Mexico. Over 300 Mayan artists and ancestors will take you back in time and help you discover the culture with ancient Mayan games, dances, music and live performances to feel at heart and bring smiles to children’s faces. This is a great way to end a day at Xcaret Park.

The beach, lagoons and pools are one of the areas in Xcaret that we didn’t get to visit on our day trip, but we plan to spend more time there when we return. This part of the park has hammocks for relaxing, white sand beaches for walking, and a lagoon where you can snorkel and swim with your family for free. I could easily spend half a day there and am planning my next visit!

Xcaret National Park

Xcaret Park, Cancun, Mexico

Additional activities at Xcaret Park are offered at an additional cost and we look forward to trying something out next time we get the chance! For an additional fee, you can swim with fish and sharks, ride adrenaline (speed boat ride), and children from 4 to 10 years old can see Adventure Kids, where they can interact with small guardian sharks and rays in a natural inland channel. very safe atmosphere.

Our best tips on how to eat deliciously in Xcaret are at El Manglar or La Laguna restaurants. El Manglar is a great oceanfront restaurant serving Mexican Pacific cuisine such as ceviche (delicious!), various seafood, tacos and more. Another buffet restaurant is La Laguna which seats 420 people and offers one of the largest buffets we have ever seen. One meal at this buffet is included with your Xcaret Plus ticket purchase and is 100% valid! Both restaurants have plenty to choose from and the food is excellent. We thought it was home cooking and it was one of our favorite meals from our entire Cancun vacation.

Xcaret National Park

Are you ready to leave the trip to Xcaret? Very well! You can buy tickets online, upon arrival at the hotel, or at many offices that sell them in Cancun (more expensive through a travel agency). Be sure to buy a ticket with delivery, because it’s cheaper.

Activities And Attractions In Xcaret Park

We hope you enjoy your visit to Xcaret as much as we do! Visit the Xcaret Park website for more information about this eco-educational park.

Xcaret National Park

List of the best things to do with kids in Cancun including activities, rides, eco parks, rides and a list of things to do for the whole family.

We are given free access to Xcaret to review it on our blog. However, we will only recommend places, activities or services that we personally use and visit and that we find useful to our readers.

Xcaret National Park

Underground River At Xcaret Park On The Mayan Riviera In Mexico

I love finding fun, great restaurants and places to stay while traveling with family and friends. Since it took a lot of research and research to find these family vacation destinations, I want to share my knowledge with others to make it easier for them to plan their next trip. Riviera Maya under the auspices of Experiencias Xcaret. It is also one of the largest theme parks in Mexico. But is it the best cigarette for you? This article covers Xcaret jobs, Xcaret tips, Xcaret reviews and Xcaret tours.

The goal is to help you decide if Xcaret is your best bet and how to make the most of your time at this exciting theme park.

Xcaret National Park

Shkaret (ish-ka-ret) is a 250-acre park with over 40 rides. Xcaret events include water sports, educational and cultural exhibits, local fashion and wildlife shows, and exciting live performances.

Enjoying Xcaret With The Preventive Measures And The 360º Xafety Model

Located just minutes from Playa del Carmen.

Xcaret National Park

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